Waxing and Threading: Two New Facial Hair Maintenance Options

We know the importance of maintaining your facial hair to avoid looked too rugged or unkept. However, we also know that shaving doesn’t always give the longest results, especially for us men who beards and mustaches grow back faster and denser than others. That’s where waxing and threading comes in as two new facial hair maintenance options for me. While these two hair removal options are commonly associated with women’s hair removal, they do provide longer lasting results which means less constant trips to the barber shop and no more spending your mornings shaving off newly grown hairs. Listed below are some of the benefits of using these two methods every once in a while, over shaving.

Facial hair regrowth is thinner and less coarse

While you may start assuming this means that your beard and mustache will eventually thin out and eventually stop growing, waxing and threading doesn’t have that much of an effect. Instead, the more you choose to wax or thread your facial hair – the longer it will take for the hair to grow back since these hair removal methods are ripping out the entire hair follicle. This means that men who facial hair grows back within days will stop having to spend money going to the barber shop and will stop having to waste time in the morning giving themselves a shape up. This can also benefit men whose hair is extremely coarse since threading in particularly can make the hair a bit thinner.

Improved skincare

When you make a choice to wax your facial hair, you are also removing the topmost layer of your skin where dead skin cells are building up. While this may seem like a secondary benefit other than having sharper facial hair line work, the skin that was covered by the wax will appear more fresh and clean due to the instant removal of dead skin cells and oil buildup. However, all men have different skin types, some more sensitive to waxing then others, so be sure to ask your barber which wax will be best for our skin to avoid any breakouts, redness, or rashes from appearing around the waxed area. Or, if you’re opting to do this at home, research what wax will work best for your skin type and test it out on your hand before using it on your face.


While the men who decide to go to a professional barber shop to get their facial hair styled really don’t have to worry about precision, the ones who prefer doing it themselves at home will. Depending on the complexity of your look, shaving can get tricky, especially when trying to shave over a bone or around a curve in your face. Though, waxing and threading allows for more precision and fewer risks of removing too much hair from an area, which will just give a more relaxed experience instead of worrying over how to fix a simple shaving mistake.

Saving money

Since your facial hair isn’t growing back every week due to waxing and threading, you can stop visiting the barber shop and paying money just for a cleanup. This can and will benefit all men who prefer saving a few bucks, looking sharp, and enjoy having an easy and long-lasting facial hair removal system that comes with more benefits and cons.