Top Tips To Have A Long Beard And Mustache (part 2)

Brush or comb your beard daily

Many men may notice as their beard and mustache grow out that they have weird curves or bends in the hair pattern along with a daily brushing combined with using Beard Dry Oil regularly will help them train their hairs to lie the way they want, making sure that an even beard also requires no trimming. Many also notice that when their beard gains length and weight, these curves will settle down.

Notice your surroundings

The longer your facial hair gets, the more chance they might get caught in the zipper of a coat, dipped in soup, or even burnt by an errant cigarette. Be aware of any little change when your beard and mustache gets longer.

Judge your beard on its own merit

Facial hair grows in different patterns with different rates. That yours isn’t growing as fast as someone else’s doesn’t mean it won’t catch up, or might be better one day.

Be patient

As mentioned before, beard and mustache grow at an average rate of only half an inch every month, and mostly everyone experiences a time when it seems like their facial hair isn’t growing. By the same token, there are times when it seems to grow 2 inches each month. Celebrate those times and don’t despair in the others.

Figure out the tips to eat with your beard and mustache

Careless eating may make you have to see multiple hairs pulled out, and some kinds of food can dry it out and damage the hairs.

Track your progress

Whether you simply take a selfie or measure your facial hair every month in order to chart your progress, keep up with how your beard and mustache are doing. Over time, you will start to learn growth patterns and even see if particular seasons have a positive/negative effect on your facial hair. This knowledge can help you worry less during those times when it seems that it’s not growing.