Top Ten Most Famous Beards in Sports

Great beards are as old as sport itself and the best beards are even legendary. There have been some iconic beards in sports over the years. We need a full beard, chin strap, or something else with character. Below are ten of the best beards in the history of sports. Let’s have a look to discover who they are.

Brian Wilson

A real legend! Brian has such an epic beard that has a hairstyle. He has once offered $1,000,000 to cut it off but he turned it down.

Dallas Keuchel

More than any athlete on this list, Dallas had a plan for his beard itself so that it always looks perfect groomed.

Jeff Bagwell

Have you ever seen a photo of Bagwell without the signature goatee? It was one of the things that you can’t unsee. It is not like he was gargoyle-esqe.

Brent Burns

Is there anything more hockey than Brent Burns? Can you imagine this guy as a doctor, lawyer, or congressman?

James Harden

Do you think of James Harden and his beard as different entities? The beard, like a pet, has personality and its own way of communicating.

Antonio Garay

Antonio Garay is only a few short stints in NFL, but this name must be an additional to the list of the best beards in sports.

Justin Turner

The hair. The red. Not a critique. Just an observation. The bald spot he is covering up with all of it.

Kimbo Slice

Kimbo Slice was anMMA fighter and YouTube phenomenon who left this world too soon, but he was a force to behold.

Brett Keisel

Brett Keisel was once voted on as the best beard in the NFL. It’s really got to be the mustache portion putting it over the edge.

Mr. T

Mr.T is the only man who could have pulled off such unreal facial hair. You can even argue that it’s the beard that shaped the 1980s.