The Most Memorable Facial Hair in the History of Sports (part 2)

David Beckham, Smörgåsbeard

David Beckham has famously pulled off every style of facial hair. But be careful since his five-o’clock shadow may be the one your girlfriend is thinking of when accidentally calling you David.

Michael Jordan, The Hitler

Jordan managed to prove that he could do whatever he wanted and remained one of the most beloved athletes ever even though we are not exactly sure if he won or lost.

Hulk Hogan, The Hogan

Twelve-time World Heavyweight Champ Hulk Hogan is the only man in this list with his facial hair, formerly known as the horseshoe, now most often named for him.

Lanny McDonald, The Walrus

Lanny McDonald wore the ultimate walrus mustache throughout his career in Calgary and even added the ultimate playoff beard in 1989.

Drew Gooden, Possessed Beard

Although the thin mutton chops and improvised facial dreads may be the most unfortunate combinations in the history of sports, we expect no less from Drew Goodenwith a soul patch grown on the back of his head.

Scott Spiezio, Soul Patch

Spiezio must have realized that his stringy soul patch wasn’t gross enough, so he decided to dye it red to match his St. Louis uniform. Additionally, cardinals fans embraced the look by wearing red tape stripes down their chins.

Bill Flett, Teen Wolf

Despite the fact that Flett had the athleticism of a Teen Wolf, it is downright awe-inspiring that the hair fully engulfed his face. Sidney Patrick Crosby may have a Stanley Cup, but his pubescent playoff beard pales in comparison with Flett’s.

James Harden, The Lazy Lit Professor

James Harden started growing his beard at Arizona State since he was admittedly too lazy to shave. Since then it has taken on the shape of a spade shovel and even become one of the most iconic beards in the history of sports.