The Most Memorable Facial Hair in the History of Sports (part 1)

Rollie Fingers, Waxed Handlebar

Originally, Hall of Fame reliever Rollie Fingers grew his ‘stache after Charles Finley offered $300 to whichever Oakland player had the best facial at the end of 1972’s Spring Training. Fingers earned the bonus easily and became so dedicated to his trademark handlebars that he decided to retire in 1986 instead of signing with the clean cut Cincinnati Reds.

Brian Wilson, Paint it Black

Brian Wilson never admitted to dying his 2010 World Series facial hair. He claimed instead that it was dark because of the number of day games when the Giants played that season.

Mark Spitz, Gold Medal ‘Stache

Most swimmers shave from head to toe in order to knock a couple hundredths off their times. Mark Spitz won a then-record 7 gold medals at the ’72 Munich Games against steroid-fueled Germans and he did it with a full and thick mustache. He joked with the Russian coach that it helped him sweep away water from his face, which led to every member of the Soviet team arriving to the 1973 World Championships with their own great lip shield.

Brett Keisel, The Mountain Man

The self-described “greatest beard of all-time” of Brett Keisel has its own song, Facebook page, Twitter handle, as well as two Super Bowl rings. Even more impressively, Keisel grows it new every year after his annual “Shear the Beard” event in order to raise money for the UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

Alexi Lalas, A Natural Redhead

Alexi Lalas had one of the most heinous goatees of the 1990s, so we are still a little impressed by how dapper he presently looks that he has cleaned himself up.

Kimbo Slice, The Intimidation Beard

There is still no beard in the world that we are more terrified to see than the one comes at us in the Octagon. Really anywhere.