The Full Beard Style

To grow a full beard is like a rite of passage which is up there with drinking your first pint, learning how to drive, or purchasing your first adult watch. But like shooting hoops, losing weight, or skiing, it’s one of those things that are ten times harder to achieve than what you initially thought it would be. A full board requires a lot of maintenance, and the longer you grow it, the more problems you will encounter. However, if you can look after it, you will have something to stroke to keep you occupied.

Who Does it Suit?

Of every beard style, there is, there’s no denying that a full beard is the most difficult to achieve. Guys that have oval faces won’t have any problem rocking a full beard, but if you have any other type of face shape, you will need a few creative trimming ideas to make it work.

Narrow faces and slim, angular jaws can be rounded out and softened by keeping the slides a bit longer, while guys with round faces can give the impression of a long face by simply growing the chin hair longer and keeping the sides a bit shorter. Those with a round face can also give the impression of a thinner face by growing the hair located on the front of the face a bit longer than the hair on the sides.

How To Maintain A Full Beard

With a full beard, you’ll get out what you put in. You will need to grow your beard until you reach a personal beard length that you are satisfied with. Use a long setting on your beard trimmer to maintain the length and always remember to trim it when its dry and to brush your beard before maintaining it.

If you initially see patches, be patient as gaps will usually fill in as your hair grows longer. Keep your beard conditioned and glossy by using a beard oil. Facial hair will draw up moisture, leaving the skin beneath it to become flaky and dry. It’s therefore recommended to use your fingers to make sure the oil gets through your beard entirely. Always use a brush or beard comb to reduce the risk of tangles and ensure you distribute beard oil evenly every time.

If you want to maximise the bushiness, we suggest using a blow-dryer on a cool setting. Use a beard brush or small comb and gently tease out as you dry. It’s also recommended that you visit a professional barber every now and then to give it shape.

Expert Tip

The longer the beard, the higher the risk will be that you might look like someone that just returned from an extended vacation at sea. Frequently nip away at the rogue hair and ensure you keep your full beard smooth by using balm or oil. Should you have a full beard as an older guy and are concerned with random grey hair, simply use special dye to take care of it.