The Best Chin Strap Beard Styles To Define Your Jawline (part 1)

There are many styles that help you enjoy the masculine look of a beard. With a long history, dating from the 18th-century, the chin strap beard style which has evolved over time is one of those excellent options.

1. Patchy Chin Strap

You can still rock a chin strap even if your facial hair growth is a bit hit and miss. A patchy chin strap benefits from leaving a bit more hair on the neck, in order to give the illusion of fullness. But by the nature of the style, since it’s a thin strip of hair along the chin and jawline, hair thickness matters less in this beard style. Just keep a neat and tidy hairstyle to avoid looking disheveled.

2. Chin Strap Beard with Goatee

To create a rounded-out look, try combining your chin strap with a goatee. This is a perfect combination since it helps to define and shape your face. You could combine it with any goatee styles, from the classic full goatee to the jaunty Van Dyke. Balance the thickness of your goatee with the thickness of your chin strap to have a consistent look. This is a very versatile option that can be fit well with many hair and clothing styles.

3. Isolated Chin Strap

The isolated chin strap is a very traditional take on this beard style, featuring clean-shaven cheeks, upper lip, and neck, as well as the hair following the jawline around to the sideburns. It is a simple style working well for men who have a diamond, round, square, or oval face.

4. Subtle Chin Strap

Opting for something more subtle to avoid committing to the hard lines and distinct styling of other chin strap beards. This style keeps the majority of hair along your jawline but doesn’t fuss with making sure that the lines are precise with sharp edges. It is a more natural look, that is also more forgiving if daily shaving isn’t your vibe. A little stubble or slightly longer length is fine with this look.