1. Ziggy (barber / in all the bands…ever)

2. Jamison Land (better known as Beefcake of Gwar)

3. Ray Mazzola (of Full Blown Chaos)

4. Jeff Langum (Full Beard Natural World Champion)

5. Holly Hox (hairstylist / ecbmc judge veteran)



This year the competition doesn’t end when the East Coast Beard & Mustache Championship is over. We are teaming up with our friends in The Moustache and Beard Social Club (who have a competition the same day on the west coast) and The Facial Hair League for a little East Coast vs West Coast Showdown. Heres how it will work. The winners of the 10 categories the 2 comps have in common will have their pictures taken at their respective competition, they will then be posted side by side with their counter part on The Facial Hair League’s Facebook page and voted on by you! The winners of each category will receive prizes from both clubs, and as an added bonus the coast that wins the most categories will receive an extra $500 for their charity! Voting will start on March 30th and run for a week. Spread the word!

Shit in 2015. So stop lying to yourself and world by getting a picture with Santa, lets be honest you’re probably already on a couple lists that are frowned upon. Imbrace your inner demons and get a FREE picture with Krampus at Tattooed Mom, grandma will treasure it for years to come!


$2 PBR pounders all night
1/2 priced tater tots till night noon
and the limitied edition “sleigher” cocktail!

Tattooed Mom

530 South St. Philadelphia PA

21+ with valid ID