In addition to showing masculinity, men with beards will help protect, moisturize the skin, prevent dirt, even prevent cancer.

A research team from the University of Kansas found that men with a mustache not less than 9mm thick were 16 times less likely to develop squamous cell carcinoma in the lower lip.

Dermatologist Daniel Aires explained that cancer can develop from photochemical keratosis (Actinic Keratosis), a scaly patch on the skin.

The disease occurs, as a rule, because it stays long in the sun and appears around the lips, ears, scalp, shoulders in men aged 50-60. Sometimes this disease develops into cancer.

Actinic keratosis poses the greatest threat to the thin skin of the lips. In this sense, a beard can serve as a protective layer against disease and its consequences.

The doctor noted that in the new study, experts worked with mustache bearers from their teens or around 20 years old. It cannot be claimed that wearing a mustache at a later age will protect the person. However, experts say they are certainly not harmful.

According to experts, long and thick beards can block the effect of UV rays on the skin by up to 95% and reduce the risk of basal cell carcinoma.

In addition, the beard also prevents blemishes and scarring. Scars, acne or folliculitis originate from regular razor use. So skipping facial hair will help keep your skin free of unwanted blemishes.

Besides, psychological studies show that the length of hair and beard have a great influence on the appearance of men. On the other hand, bearded men are more attractive to women.

Beard also makes the essential oils in the body released and maintains the oil balance on the face. This prevents dry, chapped and red skin. However, you need to make sure you regularly clean your beard to avoid infections and dandruff formation on the skin.

You are that beard guy who always gets attention, however best because your grooming rituals went wrong and there is no greater caring. Beard care has in the end come into the limelight. To demystify the whole process for you, we’ve got jotted down all of the guidelines to attain strokably soft beard.

  1. Trim It right
    Once I say trimming, I don’t mean you pass overboard along with your system. Make certain your tool is smooth and sharp. In case, there are leftovers out of your previous session, you’re approximately to ask problem for your hair follicles. Easy it first, take a comb and brush your beard in the proper course. Now, along with your trimming scissors, reduce off the unruly, rigid hair. This allows preserve your beard easy, without any stiffness. Be affected person, 2 weeks isn’t always a long term!
  2. Wash And condition
    There are a plethora of beard shampoos to be had. Shampooing your beard at least 3 times a week will can help you remove dry pores and skin. Rubdown it in a round movement. It’ll launch all of the facial muscle anxiety. Rinse off the shampoo now and repeat massaging with a conditioner. Wash it off and make sure no residues are left in the back of.
    3. Brush, Please
    Using a comb or simply jogging your hand for your beard is continually an amazing idea to preserve it searching luxe. This is also an amazing time to test in case your beard nevertheless has cussed hair. If sure, simply take a pair of scissors and pluck it out.
    4. Beard Oil
    It’s usually a good concept to apply beard oil. This treatment penetrates vitamins, turning your hair relaxed and bright. there is much less scraping and scratching. All you want to do is rubdown the oil in a circular motion and feed every hair follicle. give it a minute and see your beard turn style-able. 5. Style With A Beard Balm
    First and primary, a beard balm is an at the go product that you may constantly convey with you. Start with a minimal quantity and rub the balm for your fingers. Practice it upwards, beginning from the chin. Your beard is moisturised sufficient. What a win-win state of affairs!

Shaving is a simple idea, but it also turns out to be a lot of trouble if not done properly. Men often see the skin around the chin is painful, swollen and uncomfortable. It is a sign of skin irritation.

To avoid irritated skin, take a shower before shaving. After showering, you should only dry other parts of your body except your face. Doing this works to help the hairs softer than usual. If you don’t take a bath, you can also apply a moisturizing solution to the skin around your chin by massaging that area with your hands under water.

Next, apply shaving cream for 3 to 5 minutes to soften the hairs. Thanks to that, the shaving also becomes more convenient.

When you shave, you must shave according to the direction of hair growth. If you shave in the opposite direction, the pores of your skin will open and could damage your skin. Pull the knife gently to avoid scratching in rough areas.

Cool water helps shrink pores and give skin firmness. After washing your face, do not dry immediately but gently pat your skin with your hands. Next, remember that lotion is important after shaving. It acts as an antiseptic and relieves skin irritation after shaving. It also makes the skin smoother. So do not forget to apply lotion after shaving! Alternatively, you could replace the lotion with a moisturizer (which is no artificial fragrance).

When you get irritated, think about what might be a result of an old razor. The immediate solution is to buy a new one. And when you scratch a skin, you can apply a little benzoyl peroxide right to the scratch. It contains anti-inflammatory properties so it will soothe scratches.

You should not shave before exercising or doing hard work. Because then, the salt in sweat can cause burning sensation on the face.

No longer the fad or tradition of countries in the West and Europe, Asian men have been building up the image of masculine, strong and attractive men with easy-to-remember beards. It is not difficult to own a beautiful beard, but it is important that you are ready to start growing beards yet?

Do not look at or think about the inconvenience of growing a beard but never tried to beard it. Such as the itchiness, discomfort when contacting with other skin areas, or the hassle of washing the face … Those are just temporary sensations, it is even nothing compared to the benefits of grow beards. Science has proven the benefits that a beautiful and healthy beard can bring to men’s health, not to mention that men with beautiful and neat beards are the ideal future boyfriend and husband of most. A smiling smile with a masculine beard as a kind of “fragrant hearing” makes her feel super popular, even the most fastidious.

  1. Check your meal
    Your daily diet is also one of the factors that influence the process of growing a beard. You may not know that water contains high levels of vitamins B, A, C, E, folic acid, zinc, magnesium and omega 3. These are essential for nourishing a beautiful beard. If you have not added enough of the above mentioned foods from cereals, red meat, fish oil, greens, beans, nuts and fruits. Try taking supplements with vitamins and supplements (be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions) to speed up the process of hair growth.
  2. Avoid stress
    Busy life today sometimes makes many people forget to maintain social life, drink enough water, exercise, live happily, stay healthy … These are also factors that lead to stress, fatigue. piercing. It not only makes you not achieve your goals, work efficiency, but also causes mental and physical health to deteriorate over time. Stress and fatigue inhibit nerves that make nourishing a beautiful beard out of your way. Therefore, a life without stress and worry is the panacea for you. Just keep up the habit of getting enough sleep, eating right meals, exercising and taking time to relax your brain to rest. Moreover, you will have a satisfied beard.
  3. Face skin care

Washing your face with clean water alone can not remove all the dirt, bacteria hidden under the skin. Most men neglect to wash their face so their skin becomes dry, dull and aging fast. One thing that dermatologists agree is the healthier your face skin, the more beautiful your beard. Therefore, use an exfoliating cream with a facial cleanser to keep hair follicles clean. After that, you can use moisturizers containing vitamin B5 to increase the ability to grow a beautiful beard.

4. Consider a beard transplant
For those who have a thin beard but want a nice, thick and attractive beard. You may consider getting a beard transplant at reputable cosmetic sites. There are two types of beard implants, FUE and FUT. The FUE (Follicle Unit Extraction) implant is a single unit follicle transplant and is performed by taking healthy beard roots to transplant into areas without a beard. FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) is a method of taking a piece of skin, then dividing it into individual follicles and performing beard transplantation as in FUE method. Both have their pros and cons, so please consult your doctor for the best direction.

5. Don’t trim too much
The fact that you work hard to shave or trim your beard does not help the beard grow longer and thicker. The problem is not that you shave the wrong way, but because you are impatient. A beautiful beard takes time to grow and thrive.

6. Take good care of your beautiful beard
Taking care of your beautiful beard is also a way to keep your beard strong. To do so, use beard care products about 1-2 times a week, and use beard oil to condition your beard in the best possible care.

7. Get rid of bad habits
Unexpectedly, tobacco is also the cause of the process of raising your beard. The toxic substances in cigarettes reduce the blood flow to the hair follicles, making them unable to grow evenly. Therefore, to nurture a beautiful, strong beard, immediately quit smoking habit now.

8. Exercise
One of the ways to relax the mind, relieve stress and release muscles is to practice moderate exercise. Good health, lucid spirit make you have a more optimistic view to life. This is very beneficial in nourishing your beautiful beard.

Lionel Messi and Gerard Pique should not have shaved off the beard, so this Barcelona duo looks incredibly handsome for years. Just look at their pictures at the recent Girona draw.  Let’s find out which football players should never shave!

1. Lionel Messi

Messi still looks cool without a beard, but having more beard makes him look much more attractive and masculine.

2. Sergio Ramos

The captain of Real Madrid has a long face with a pointed chin. Thus, the beard makes his face more balanced and stronger.

3. David de Gea

Possessing a rather angular and pointed face, with the current beard, the Manchester United goalkeeper looks much more masculine and the face will be more full than in Spain or when he first arrived in England.

4. Gerard Pique

The Barcelona center-back probably surprised his fans by seeing him at the last Girona draw in La Liga. Looking at Pique with a beard was too familiar to the eyes, so his smooth beard made him seem to have reduced his attractiveness in appearance.

5. De Rossi

De Rossi looked much gentler than before he had a beard. Looking at the god of Italy at the present time is no different from the assassins or Mafia in blockbuster action movies.

6. Andrea Pirlo

With no beard or beard, Pirlo still exudes an overwhelming artist appearance. But the Italian player with the beard is still more masculine.

7. Juan Mata

The young Juan Juan of Manchester looks young when he was in Valencia, but when he chose to grow a beard when he moved to Chelsea and now Manchester United, Mata is more handsome.

8. Joe Ledley

The Wales star looks much more prominent with his famous bushy beard. The former Crystal Palace star looks like a medieval Viking with a beard instead of a modern office worker with a bare face.

Long, dense, thick beards are less popular with Asian men because they feel that their faces are not “clean”. Here are the beards that not only surpass that concept but also help Asian men to be more masculine and more attractive.


This is one of the most popular beards for the Asian men. This type of beard attracts a mustache look, along with a neat little beard on the chin and a small beard in the lower middle. The length of the beard is moderate, only about 3mm-5mm but dense and dense. It will bring simple beauty and neat but still masculine to the gentleman.

Round chin beard

This is the type of beard that easily conquers the eyes of Asian women the most because of its moderately short. As the name implies, the round beard around the mouth is shaped with neat and trimmed lines to shape the beard around the edge of the mouth. With this beard, you can both show your masculinity and can conceal defects in the chin and throat.


Mustache is considered a beard that brings classical beauty and Asian aristocracy. This beard is neat, easy to care for, not entangled, luxurious as well as noble. Mustache is suitable for Asian men not only because of the style it brings, but also because it is well suited to the weak beard and silk genes of Asians.

Clean-shaven beard style

Wondering if clean-shaven beard is considered a beard? But this is really considered a beard, though you can’t see your beard. This can be considered as the most popular beard for men in Asia. Although the beard is shaved clean, the fuzzy legs still show that you are very masculine while meeting the requirements of grooming and clean.

Short beard

This is definitely the beard for Asian guys who love the strong beauty of a mustache. If you love a thick, thick, dark beard, but are afraid that people will judge you as a sloppy and sloppy person, cut your beard short, only about 0.5-1cm is enough.

Many people forget that one of the most masculine features of men is a beard. They will be weapons to help you make a strong impression on women in your first meeting. So, learn right away the most popular beard styles from Hollywood stars.

Stubble Beard

Let’s start with the shortest type of beard which fits into the round face shape. That’s Stubble beard. In other words, this type of beard is like a test for you before you intend to keep the beard any longer. The beard goes from sideburns to the mouth, extending down to about 1/2 neck and is shaved close to the face. This is also an option for those who have a natural or jagged beard and do not follow the pattern.


This is the term used to describe beards with a thick mustache, but the whiskers around are sparse. This stylish fad will be the choice for you to have a square face and angular shape as the right coverage of the jaw helps soften the bony aspect of your face.

The style is extremely simple. Compactly close to the whiskers on both sides of the cheekbone frame as well as the chin but keeping the dense mustache in front is the highlight of this style.

Van Dyke beard

People with oval or square faces can own Van Dyke’s elegant beard. Characteristics are defined as a mustache that is styled differently, shaved short or long to the lips, a small beard is located on the lower lip and the part of the surrounding beard is trimmed.

Balbo Beard

Similar to Van Dyke, Balbo beards have a mustache and beard under the neatly cut lips. The only difference is that in the beard under the chin, instead of just focusing on the chin, you will let it stay close to the sideburns.

Gillette shaver is one of the familiar and indispensable items for men worldwide. This brand has always achieved impressive sales figures, widespread and special popularity, always among the highest image value brands in the world.

As a brand of the P&G family, Gillette’s brand value stands much higher than its parent company. Specifically in Interbrand’s latest ranking, Gillette – formerly Gillette Company ranked 22nd and ranked above Facebook.

The strange thing is, the reason why a start-up company only sells razors – a very ordinary object can “stand” on many other high-end brands, in terms of brand value. trade?

The success of Gillette can only be explained by its global media and content marketing strategies, when P&G does not regret investing in its pet.

Gillette constantly delivered messages and promotional videos that called for customers to be confident in the beauty of their looks and passion for themselves. P&G’s brand believes that only when consumers love themselves properly, can they be willing to pay for things that make themselves more beautiful, even if they are men – most of whom are often smarter than women. Therefore, Gillette’s job is simply to motivate them to treat themselves better, and of course buy more razors.

Gillette believes that only when consumers love themselves properly, can they be willing to spend money on things that make them more beautiful, even if they are men.
In order to implement this plan, Gillette opted for her brand of ambassadors from the sports world rather than Hollywood stars, because in consumers’ perceptions, film audiences are “red”. “too much compared to ordinary people.”

In the meantime, sports athletes represent health, ‘manly’ and are not too concerned about appearance than ordinary people. Therefore, there are many things in common between them and Gillette’s customers and many times more influential.

Characters selected as brand ambassadors are usually champions like Tiger Woods, Roger Federer and Lionel Messi with the implication that Gillette is a market leader. The promotional videos were made with a unified message from beginning to end, throughout all different campaigns: “Gillette will help you start the day with good looks and lots of energy to be more successful.”

Not stopping at the male customer segment, Gillette continued to attack both women when suggesting they use their products to beautify other parts of the body but in a more subtle way and only for online campaigns.

They consider this a product expansion strategy with an ambition to convey that passion to women. Although quite unexpected and unique, Gillette has not yet officially recorded the effectiveness of this campaign, in part because she did not have the publicity as a male strategy.

Currently, the brand’s latest global marketing strategy emphasizes that Gillette razors always appear in the most important moments in a man’s life, typically when married. Once again, Gillette is strengthening its position in bringing consumers confidence and “prompting” them not to forget to use the product for critical moments.

Today the need for beauty is not only lipstick, chalk, but small details such as beard, eyebrows, eyelashes but extremely important. For men, the beard is one of the most important and proud points on the face. Try grapefruit essential oil to take care of your eyebrows and beards!

The beard not only makes men more masculine, more attractive in the eyes of the opposite, but also makes them feel more confident in themselves. Therefore, in order to have a beard like that, men need to practice regular care and improve their beard.

To have a beautiful beard, gentlemen need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Let your beard grow for at least a month so men need patience. In one month, the beard will not be shaved, trimmed or adjusted to make it easier to create the style later.
  • Step 2: You can use a small comb (an eyelash comb for women) to comb the newly grown whiskers, and to orient the development of lateral whiskers.
  • Step 3: Use grapefruit essential oil to stimulate the growth of beard and nourishment for soft and strong beard.
  • Step 4: After the beard has grown long and thick, begin pruning.

Grapefruit flower oil has nutrients to help our men gain more confidence with the beard: Thick and bold. Long and smooth. Cool and strong.

On our bodies, parts such as eyelashes, eyebrows and even whiskers are made up of hair follicle cells. However, each individual part has completely different formation processes.

And among them, the beard is the part with the lowest life expectancy (only about 3-4 months). When the antennae are fully developed and their lifespan ends, they will automatically fall off to create room for new beards to grow.

In this case, if we can use grapefruit oil about 2 – 3 weeks before the old beard falls off, this product will be able to create an impact that will help the development of new beards unfold. more convenient.

It is a feat that hasn’t been finished since the days of NBA legend Wilt Chamberlain: James Harden scored at the least 30 factors in 32 instantly games this season, the second-longest streak in records.
However it wasn’t the shooting protect’s superb play that inspired Filip Peraic to make Harden the subject of a chain of photographs entitled “James Harden Illustrated,” all proposing the Houston Rockets celebrity’s profile and well-known beard.
“I did no longer select him based totally on his recreation. I simply wanted to find someone aesthetically exciting,” the Croatia-primarily based artist told CNN.
Harden is actually that, one of the greater recognizable NBA stars way to outsized facial hair. “He has this certainly first-class and unique profile along with his beard,” Peraic stated.

Peraic takes creative liberties with a base image this is the proper side of Harden’s face. whether the new picture will become Harden’s signature celebration or a globe, it has turn out to be Peraic’s sketchpad. And it’s made the previous MVP sit up straight and take be aware.
“He already knew approximately my undertaking because a few newshounds requested him,” Peraic stated. but at the same time as Peraic has yet to fulfill Harden, a Twitter shout out changed into the following pleasant component. “This turned into the primary time that he immediately spoke to me,” stated Peraic. “And it’s a amazing feeling and i am glad he did.
“That profile is sort of like a body throughout which I explicit myself.”
The renditions are wide ranging. One moment, Harden is the bust of a Greek logician. the following, Peraic has grew to become the profile right into a map, charting “The Isle of Hardenia.”
they also variety into the greater summary, whether it’s arranging Harden as vegetation or reimagining his beard as a whale.
Peraic is also on top of famous way of life – his maximum recent rendition became a Harden-like black hole after the first picture of a black hollow became rendered.
however all the time spent drawing and designing doesn’t imply Peraic hasn’t taken observe of Harden’s impressive run.
“I am a fan of his recreation and he is basically changing the sport as we comprehend it together with his style of play,” Peraic stated.
The Rockets’ game plan has made for normal-season success, but it has yet to translate to an NBA final berth with Harden on the squad.
However, Houston will in reality depend on its superstar, who helped closing 12 months’s team come to within a game of the NBA Finals. And even as Harden may also have spent some days retweeting Peraic’s snap shots, the Rockets’ shield probably can have extra pressing things on his thoughts throughout this postseason, particularly, an NBA championship.