5. Defined Chin Strap Beard

This beard style can help you keep looking sharp. It is ideal if you have well rounded facial hair growth. A classic hairstyle or something edgier like a faux hawk will contrast this beard style. Instead, a slightly longer tousled hairstyle will fit it well. However, avoid looking like a hot mess by tidying up the cheeks and neckline.

6. Thin Chin Strap Beard

The thin chin strap is another traditional style for the chin strap beard. It is perfect for defining a strong jawline. Getting your lines straight as well as keeping the edges neat is the key to pulling this style off. Some may need to ask your barber for the initial styling cut, but if you have a steady hand, it is not difficult to maintain it yourself.

7. Natural Chin Strap with Mustache

Team your natural hair growth along your jaw with a mustache for a stylish by casual look. A natural chin strap means you don’t need to worry about keeping tight lines and sharp edges. You also don’t need to fuss about your neckline as much either. Meanwhile, a mustache will give a bit more character to your face. This versatile look best if your hair is evenly trimmed.

8. Beardstache with Chin Strap

A beardstache means your mustache is longer than your beard. It is a great option to pair it with a chin strap beard since the disconnect already let’s the stache do the talking.

9. Classic Strap Beard Without a Mustache

Clean-shaven cheeks and neck create a classic chin strap style. Like the isolated chin strap, the classic strap is most suitable for gents with square, round, diamond, or oval faces. It can both round out your face, or accentuate the jawline, giving additional balance. Keep it in check with maintenance but the sharpness of the edges entirely depends on you. It works both with precision lines that are as sharp as your witty humor, or natural edges that taper out.

David Beckham, Smörgåsbeard

David Beckham has famously pulled off every style of facial hair. But be careful since his five-o’clock shadow may be the one your girlfriend is thinking of when accidentally calling you David.

Michael Jordan, The Hitler

Jordan managed to prove that he could do whatever he wanted and remained one of the most beloved athletes ever even though we are not exactly sure if he won or lost.

Hulk Hogan, The Hogan

Twelve-time World Heavyweight Champ Hulk Hogan is the only man in this list with his facial hair, formerly known as the horseshoe, now most often named for him.

Lanny McDonald, The Walrus

Lanny McDonald wore the ultimate walrus mustache throughout his career in Calgary and even added the ultimate playoff beard in 1989.

Drew Gooden, Possessed Beard

Although the thin mutton chops and improvised facial dreads may be the most unfortunate combinations in the history of sports, we expect no less from Drew Goodenwith a soul patch grown on the back of his head.

Scott Spiezio, Soul Patch

Spiezio must have realized that his stringy soul patch wasn’t gross enough, so he decided to dye it red to match his St. Louis uniform. Additionally, cardinals fans embraced the look by wearing red tape stripes down their chins.

Bill Flett, Teen Wolf

Despite the fact that Flett had the athleticism of a Teen Wolf, it is downright awe-inspiring that the hair fully engulfed his face. Sidney Patrick Crosby may have a Stanley Cup, but his pubescent playoff beard pales in comparison with Flett’s.

James Harden, The Lazy Lit Professor

James Harden started growing his beard at Arizona State since he was admittedly too lazy to shave. Since then it has taken on the shape of a spade shovel and even become one of the most iconic beards in the history of sports.

There are many styles that help you enjoy the masculine look of a beard. With a long history, dating from the 18th-century, the chin strap beard style which has evolved over time is one of those excellent options.

1. Patchy Chin Strap

You can still rock a chin strap even if your facial hair growth is a bit hit and miss. A patchy chin strap benefits from leaving a bit more hair on the neck, in order to give the illusion of fullness. But by the nature of the style, since it’s a thin strip of hair along the chin and jawline, hair thickness matters less in this beard style. Just keep a neat and tidy hairstyle to avoid looking disheveled.

2. Chin Strap Beard with Goatee

To create a rounded-out look, try combining your chin strap with a goatee. This is a perfect combination since it helps to define and shape your face. You could combine it with any goatee styles, from the classic full goatee to the jaunty Van Dyke. Balance the thickness of your goatee with the thickness of your chin strap to have a consistent look. This is a very versatile option that can be fit well with many hair and clothing styles.

3. Isolated Chin Strap

The isolated chin strap is a very traditional take on this beard style, featuring clean-shaven cheeks, upper lip, and neck, as well as the hair following the jawline around to the sideburns. It is a simple style working well for men who have a diamond, round, square, or oval face.

4. Subtle Chin Strap

Opting for something more subtle to avoid committing to the hard lines and distinct styling of other chin strap beards. This style keeps the majority of hair along your jawline but doesn’t fuss with making sure that the lines are precise with sharp edges. It is a more natural look, that is also more forgiving if daily shaving isn’t your vibe. A little stubble or slightly longer length is fine with this look.

Justin Meekins constantly had desires of turning to ESPN and listening to his call examine off by using some of the pinnacle sports anchors in the US.

A senior outfielder for the Salisbury university baseball team, Meekins wants to assist his team attain the university world series and possibly take his game to the professional level.

On Friday, Meekins and his roommate have been gambling videogames with a TV displaying ESPN’s “Across the Horn” inside the historical past. The display screen soon flashed with a image as moderator Tony Reali said the name Justin Meekins.
The Japanese Shore native had achieved his intention, however it didn’t come the manner he predicted.

Meekins’ reputation got here from the illustrious head shot taken for his senior season.

On account that his sophomore 12 months, Meekins has been recognised among his teammates as taking the maximum colorful pix. The outfielder’s facial hair has been styled into extraordinary looks as he sports activities an expressionless, yet hilarious face.

His 2020 head shot displayed a thick beard with a curled mustache and long, flowing hair. However the top of the image was Meekins’ monocle that he sold off Amazon prime, noting it took mins to properly station on his face.

The virality commenced on Twitter while The Podcast about D3 Baseball tweeted Meekins’ head pictures from freshman to senior yr. The put up study, “the progression of his roster images from freshman 12 months to now’s like the galaxy mind meme but for facial hair and glasses.”

Soon after, Meekins become featured on MLB.com in a piece of writing headlined, “this school player’s evolving appearance is a journey.” Then came his cameo on “around the Horn.”

“It’s been a whirlwind of per week,” he said. “however it’s been fun.”

The Salisbury athlete have become a celebrity almost overnight, but his latest stardom hasn’t taken far from his primary goal of main the sea Gulls to victory.

“It’s humorous that my stupidity in a sense got me there,” Meekins said with fun. “however I go out each day and play find it irresistible’s my ultimate day on the sphere, play for my teammates, because that’s in particular the factor that continues me going. I’m pushing myself the following few months and taking part in my time with my teammates.”

After a “regular” head shot freshman year, Meekins took his first steps closer to going viral as a sophomore.

He started out listening to US song artist Chris Stapleton, who sports a prolonged beard and lengthy hair. Meekins decided to strive the look on himself and came up with his first signature image.

After adding a pair of large glasses, Meekins’ long hair and hairy mustache straight away jumped out in Salisbury’s roster.

“Absolutely everyone could shaggy dog story with me that I gave the impression of a homeless guy or Jesus,” he stated. “I guess i used to be just embracing the look of lengthy hair and a beard. It wasn’t truely a genius circulate, I simply moved my hair forward, however it labored out.”

As a junior, Meekins discovered thought from Rollie arms, who played for the Oakland Athletics in the 70s. Palms had a curly mustache that became widely known at some point of the MLB.

Having the facial hair required for the look, Meekins sold some hair gel and curled his mustache for his junior-season image. Bringing back the thick glasses and expressionless appearance, the outfielder started out to get identified via other teams for his specific fashion.

“On occasion when we play a team, there could be a guy who said he noticed me on a page,” Meekins said. “I don’t see myself as a movie star — I just have longer hair and a larger beard.”

New York Yankees record signing Gerrit Cole is one of the most famous bearded athletes in sport.

At his official unveiling by the New York franchise, the iconic beard was gone and fans were losing their minds.

Cole fronted media on Wednesday (Thursday AEDT) after signing a record nine-year deal with the Yankees reportedly worth US$324million (A$471m) – leaving the Houston Astros to enter free agency.

The 29-year-old’s deal will run until the 2028 MLB season, with a player opt-out following the 2024 campaign.

Boyhood Yankees fan Cole’s package is reported to be the highest ever in terms of contract value for a free agent starting pitcher and annual average for any free agent.

However, the eye-watering deal came with a big catch – Cole had to ditch the facial hair that had almost come to define him.

The pitcher was forced to shave off the beard as part of the Yankees’ famous appearance policy, which forbids facial hair.

The sight of the clean-shaven Cole answering questions about his future with Yankees took many fans by shock, with some funny reactions quickly spreading on social media.

Cole brought a ‘Yankee fan today, tomorrow, forever’ sign he was pictured with on social media when he attended a match as a child to his press conference.

‘Embodies the true American dream’

Cole rejected the Yankees in 2008 in favour of studying at UCLA when he was selected as the 28th draft pick in the first round.

There was no way he was going to turn down the opportunity 11 years later.

Asked why he chose the Yankees, Cole replied: “Because it was my dream, I had a second opportunity to chase it, it’s the best organisation, in my opinion, in the league.

“What a franchise, with tradition and its success. It kind of embodies the true American dream.”

If you surfing on some online casinos, you will see some famous models with impressive beards and mustache such as Dan Bilzerian. Below is the list of some poker players having good skills as well as outstanding facial hair.


A giant beard is always impressive. In addition, it can distract bookie and other players. Alex Keating with his espn-baiting beard has earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in the casino. Specially, the cameraman even tied the camera to his beard to record the action while playing poker.


In addition to the ability to play poker super peak, Steven Van Zadelhoff also owns extremely impressive beard. He can catch your eye the first time you meet him. Moreover, he also “casts” casinos with the title former WCOOP Main Event champion.


Referring to the casino players with impressive mustache, Steve Zolotow cannot be ignored. His silver mustache stretched to both sides and made many people remember. Steve Zolotow has played in casinos from the 1960s until now and has become a professional gambler with outstanding skills.


Philip Gruissem’s appearance is extremely special. He looks like a villain in pantomime due to his thin rim. The charm exudes from the chic and spoiled style of this gambler.


No one could ignore Jason Mercier’s massive beard. He has grown this beard for over 10 years now. The beard has accompanied him throughout his illustrious career years at casinos and achieved many impressive titles. Later, he proposed to his girlfriend Natasha, got married and retire.


His huge beard is now the result of his long-term care. Neilson’s beard has a characteristic brown color that attracts the eyes. Moreover, it also makes this gambler look more mature and adept.

You are that beard guy who always gets attention, however best because your grooming rituals went wrong and there is no greater caring. Beard care has in the end come into the limelight. To demystify the whole process for you, we’ve got jotted down all of the guidelines to attain strokably soft beard.

  1. Trim It right
    Once I say trimming, I don’t mean you pass overboard along with your system. Make certain your tool is smooth and sharp. In case, there are leftovers out of your previous session, you’re approximately to ask problem for your hair follicles. Easy it first, take a comb and brush your beard in the proper course. Now, along with your trimming scissors, reduce off the unruly, rigid hair. This allows preserve your beard easy, without any stiffness. Be affected person, 2 weeks isn’t always a long term!
  2. Wash And condition
    There are a plethora of beard shampoos to be had. Shampooing your beard at least 3 times a week will can help you remove dry pores and skin. Rubdown it in a round movement. It’ll launch all of the facial muscle anxiety. Rinse off the shampoo now and repeat massaging with a conditioner. Wash it off and make sure no residues are left in the back of.
    3. Brush, Please
    Using a comb or simply jogging your hand for your beard is continually an amazing idea to preserve it searching luxe. This is also an amazing time to test in case your beard nevertheless has cussed hair. If sure, simply take a pair of scissors and pluck it out.
    4. Beard Oil
    It’s usually a good concept to apply beard oil. This treatment penetrates vitamins, turning your hair relaxed and bright. there is much less scraping and scratching. All you want to do is rubdown the oil in a circular motion and feed every hair follicle. give it a minute and see your beard turn style-able. 5. Style With A Beard Balm
    First and primary, a beard balm is an at the go product that you may constantly convey with you. Start with a minimal quantity and rub the balm for your fingers. Practice it upwards, beginning from the chin. Your beard is moisturised sufficient. What a win-win state of affairs!

No longer the fad or tradition of countries in the West and Europe, Asian men have been building up the image of masculine, strong and attractive men with easy-to-remember beards. It is not difficult to own a beautiful beard, but it is important that you are ready to start growing beards yet?

Do not look at or think about the inconvenience of growing a beard but never tried to beard it. Such as the itchiness, discomfort when contacting with other skin areas, or the hassle of washing the face … Those are just temporary sensations, it is even nothing compared to the benefits of grow beards. Science has proven the benefits that a beautiful and healthy beard can bring to men’s health, not to mention that men with beautiful and neat beards are the ideal future boyfriend and husband of most. A smiling smile with a masculine beard as a kind of “fragrant hearing” makes her feel super popular, even the most fastidious.

  1. Check your meal
    Your daily diet is also one of the factors that influence the process of growing a beard. You may not know that water contains high levels of vitamins B, A, C, E, folic acid, zinc, magnesium and omega 3. These are essential for nourishing a beautiful beard. If you have not added enough of the above mentioned foods from cereals, red meat, fish oil, greens, beans, nuts and fruits. Try taking supplements with vitamins and supplements (be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions) to speed up the process of hair growth.
  2. Avoid stress
    Busy life today sometimes makes many people forget to maintain social life, drink enough water, exercise, live happily, stay healthy … These are also factors that lead to stress, fatigue. piercing. It not only makes you not achieve your goals, work efficiency, but also causes mental and physical health to deteriorate over time. Stress and fatigue inhibit nerves that make nourishing a beautiful beard out of your way. Therefore, a life without stress and worry is the panacea for you. Just keep up the habit of getting enough sleep, eating right meals, exercising and taking time to relax your brain to rest. Moreover, you will have a satisfied beard.
  3. Face skin care

Washing your face with clean water alone can not remove all the dirt, bacteria hidden under the skin. Most men neglect to wash their face so their skin becomes dry, dull and aging fast. One thing that dermatologists agree is the healthier your face skin, the more beautiful your beard. Therefore, use an exfoliating cream with a facial cleanser to keep hair follicles clean. After that, you can use moisturizers containing vitamin B5 to increase the ability to grow a beautiful beard.

4. Consider a beard transplant
For those who have a thin beard but want a nice, thick and attractive beard. You may consider getting a beard transplant at reputable cosmetic sites. There are two types of beard implants, FUE and FUT. The FUE (Follicle Unit Extraction) implant is a single unit follicle transplant and is performed by taking healthy beard roots to transplant into areas without a beard. FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) is a method of taking a piece of skin, then dividing it into individual follicles and performing beard transplantation as in FUE method. Both have their pros and cons, so please consult your doctor for the best direction.

5. Don’t trim too much
The fact that you work hard to shave or trim your beard does not help the beard grow longer and thicker. The problem is not that you shave the wrong way, but because you are impatient. A beautiful beard takes time to grow and thrive.

6. Take good care of your beautiful beard
Taking care of your beautiful beard is also a way to keep your beard strong. To do so, use beard care products about 1-2 times a week, and use beard oil to condition your beard in the best possible care.

7. Get rid of bad habits
Unexpectedly, tobacco is also the cause of the process of raising your beard. The toxic substances in cigarettes reduce the blood flow to the hair follicles, making them unable to grow evenly. Therefore, to nurture a beautiful, strong beard, immediately quit smoking habit now.

8. Exercise
One of the ways to relax the mind, relieve stress and release muscles is to practice moderate exercise. Good health, lucid spirit make you have a more optimistic view to life. This is very beneficial in nourishing your beautiful beard.

Long, dense, thick beards are less popular with Asian men because they feel that their faces are not “clean”. Here are the beards that not only surpass that concept but also help Asian men to be more masculine and more attractive.


This is one of the most popular beards for the Asian men. This type of beard attracts a mustache look, along with a neat little beard on the chin and a small beard in the lower middle. The length of the beard is moderate, only about 3mm-5mm but dense and dense. It will bring simple beauty and neat but still masculine to the gentleman.

Round chin beard

This is the type of beard that easily conquers the eyes of Asian women the most because of its moderately short. As the name implies, the round beard around the mouth is shaped with neat and trimmed lines to shape the beard around the edge of the mouth. With this beard, you can both show your masculinity and can conceal defects in the chin and throat.


Mustache is considered a beard that brings classical beauty and Asian aristocracy. This beard is neat, easy to care for, not entangled, luxurious as well as noble. Mustache is suitable for Asian men not only because of the style it brings, but also because it is well suited to the weak beard and silk genes of Asians.

Clean-shaven beard style

Wondering if clean-shaven beard is considered a beard? But this is really considered a beard, though you can’t see your beard. This can be considered as the most popular beard for men in Asia. Although the beard is shaved clean, the fuzzy legs still show that you are very masculine while meeting the requirements of grooming and clean.

Short beard

This is definitely the beard for Asian guys who love the strong beauty of a mustache. If you love a thick, thick, dark beard, but are afraid that people will judge you as a sloppy and sloppy person, cut your beard short, only about 0.5-1cm is enough.