David Beckham, Smörgåsbeard

David Beckham has famously pulled off every style of facial hair. But be careful since his five-o’clock shadow may be the one your girlfriend is thinking of when accidentally calling you David.

Michael Jordan, The Hitler

Jordan managed to prove that he could do whatever he wanted and remained one of the most beloved athletes ever even though we are not exactly sure if he won or lost.

Hulk Hogan, The Hogan

Twelve-time World Heavyweight Champ Hulk Hogan is the only man in this list with his facial hair, formerly known as the horseshoe, now most often named for him.

Lanny McDonald, The Walrus

Lanny McDonald wore the ultimate walrus mustache throughout his career in Calgary and even added the ultimate playoff beard in 1989.

Drew Gooden, Possessed Beard

Although the thin mutton chops and improvised facial dreads may be the most unfortunate combinations in the history of sports, we expect no less from Drew Goodenwith a soul patch grown on the back of his head.

Scott Spiezio, Soul Patch

Spiezio must have realized that his stringy soul patch wasn’t gross enough, so he decided to dye it red to match his St. Louis uniform. Additionally, cardinals fans embraced the look by wearing red tape stripes down their chins.

Bill Flett, Teen Wolf

Despite the fact that Flett had the athleticism of a Teen Wolf, it is downright awe-inspiring that the hair fully engulfed his face. Sidney Patrick Crosby may have a Stanley Cup, but his pubescent playoff beard pales in comparison with Flett’s.

James Harden, The Lazy Lit Professor

James Harden started growing his beard at Arizona State since he was admittedly too lazy to shave. Since then it has taken on the shape of a spade shovel and even become one of the most iconic beards in the history of sports.

Rollie Fingers, Waxed Handlebar

Originally, Hall of Fame reliever Rollie Fingers grew his ‘stache after Charles Finley offered $300 to whichever Oakland player had the best facial at the end of 1972’s Spring Training. Fingers earned the bonus easily and became so dedicated to his trademark handlebars that he decided to retire in 1986 instead of signing with the clean cut Cincinnati Reds.

Brian Wilson, Paint it Black

Brian Wilson never admitted to dying his 2010 World Series facial hair. He claimed instead that it was dark because of the number of day games when the Giants played that season.

Mark Spitz, Gold Medal ‘Stache

Most swimmers shave from head to toe in order to knock a couple hundredths off their times. Mark Spitz won a then-record 7 gold medals at the ’72 Munich Games against steroid-fueled Germans and he did it with a full and thick mustache. He joked with the Russian coach that it helped him sweep away water from his face, which led to every member of the Soviet team arriving to the 1973 World Championships with their own great lip shield.

Brett Keisel, The Mountain Man

The self-described “greatest beard of all-time” of Brett Keisel has its own song, Facebook page, Twitter handle, as well as two Super Bowl rings. Even more impressively, Keisel grows it new every year after his annual “Shear the Beard” event in order to raise money for the UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

Alexi Lalas, A Natural Redhead

Alexi Lalas had one of the most heinous goatees of the 1990s, so we are still a little impressed by how dapper he presently looks that he has cleaned himself up.

Kimbo Slice, The Intimidation Beard

There is still no beard in the world that we are more terrified to see than the one comes at us in the Octagon. Really anywhere.

Justin Meekins constantly had desires of turning to ESPN and listening to his call examine off by using some of the pinnacle sports anchors in the US.

A senior outfielder for the Salisbury university baseball team, Meekins wants to assist his team attain the university world series and possibly take his game to the professional level.

On Friday, Meekins and his roommate have been gambling videogames with a TV displaying ESPN’s “Across the Horn” inside the historical past. The display screen soon flashed with a image as moderator Tony Reali said the name Justin Meekins.
The Japanese Shore native had achieved his intention, however it didn’t come the manner he predicted.

Meekins’ reputation got here from the illustrious head shot taken for his senior season.

On account that his sophomore 12 months, Meekins has been recognised among his teammates as taking the maximum colorful pix. The outfielder’s facial hair has been styled into extraordinary looks as he sports activities an expressionless, yet hilarious face.

His 2020 head shot displayed a thick beard with a curled mustache and long, flowing hair. However the top of the image was Meekins’ monocle that he sold off Amazon prime, noting it took mins to properly station on his face.

The virality commenced on Twitter while The Podcast about D3 Baseball tweeted Meekins’ head pictures from freshman to senior yr. The put up study, “the progression of his roster images from freshman 12 months to now’s like the galaxy mind meme but for facial hair and glasses.”

Soon after, Meekins become featured on MLB.com in a piece of writing headlined, “this school player’s evolving appearance is a journey.” Then came his cameo on “around the Horn.”

“It’s been a whirlwind of per week,” he said. “however it’s been fun.”

The Salisbury athlete have become a celebrity almost overnight, but his latest stardom hasn’t taken far from his primary goal of main the sea Gulls to victory.

“It’s humorous that my stupidity in a sense got me there,” Meekins said with fun. “however I go out each day and play find it irresistible’s my ultimate day on the sphere, play for my teammates, because that’s in particular the factor that continues me going. I’m pushing myself the following few months and taking part in my time with my teammates.”

After a “regular” head shot freshman year, Meekins took his first steps closer to going viral as a sophomore.

He started out listening to US song artist Chris Stapleton, who sports a prolonged beard and lengthy hair. Meekins decided to strive the look on himself and came up with his first signature image.

After adding a pair of large glasses, Meekins’ long hair and hairy mustache straight away jumped out in Salisbury’s roster.

“Absolutely everyone could shaggy dog story with me that I gave the impression of a homeless guy or Jesus,” he stated. “I guess i used to be just embracing the look of lengthy hair and a beard. It wasn’t truely a genius circulate, I simply moved my hair forward, however it labored out.”

As a junior, Meekins discovered thought from Rollie arms, who played for the Oakland Athletics in the 70s. Palms had a curly mustache that became widely known at some point of the MLB.

Having the facial hair required for the look, Meekins sold some hair gel and curled his mustache for his junior-season image. Bringing back the thick glasses and expressionless appearance, the outfielder started out to get identified via other teams for his specific fashion.

“On occasion when we play a team, there could be a guy who said he noticed me on a page,” Meekins said. “I don’t see myself as a movie star — I just have longer hair and a larger beard.”

Famous worldwide for his appearance like the old man, the 26-year-old Kenyan player suddenly shaved. After shaving, Joash looked a bit older, but many still mistook him for being in his forties.

On June 18, 2019, the Kenyan Football Federation uploaded a picture of Joash training with the team to prepare for the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations (CAN Cup). What is striking is that Joash with a white beard and an aging face makes many people think he is 62 years old.

Ahead of AFCON 2019, the Kenya Football Federation has announced a focus list to prepare for the tournament. Notably, on this list is the presence of 26-year-old defender Joash Onyango. Although he is only 26 years old according to information from the Kenya Football Association, with the beard changing to white, this player on Gor Mahia’s staff has made many people doubt about his age when he looks like an old man.

Many people later searched for information and discovered Joash was only 26 years old this year. This makes the online community in the world to boil. One resident shared that the only reason that person was interested in the CAN Cup was to see 26-year-old Joash Onyango play for Kenya. There is another joke that if Joash Onyango is really 26 years old, that person is not really born.

It was obvious that dying the beard was a wrong decision of Joash Onyango as this made him much older than before. After the football fans were surprised, Joash decided to shave. His new appearance is now more true to his age, but many people still consider him quite old, around 40 years old.

However, ignoring the visual story, Joash Onyango will be the mainstay of Kenya at AFCON 2019. The 2019 African Championship officially starts from June 22, 2019 with the opening match between the home team Egypt and Zimbabwe. Kenya made a match against Algeria on June 24, 2019.

New York Yankees record signing Gerrit Cole is one of the most famous bearded athletes in sport.

At his official unveiling by the New York franchise, the iconic beard was gone and fans were losing their minds.

Cole fronted media on Wednesday (Thursday AEDT) after signing a record nine-year deal with the Yankees reportedly worth US$324million (A$471m) – leaving the Houston Astros to enter free agency.

The 29-year-old’s deal will run until the 2028 MLB season, with a player opt-out following the 2024 campaign.

Boyhood Yankees fan Cole’s package is reported to be the highest ever in terms of contract value for a free agent starting pitcher and annual average for any free agent.

However, the eye-watering deal came with a big catch – Cole had to ditch the facial hair that had almost come to define him.

The pitcher was forced to shave off the beard as part of the Yankees’ famous appearance policy, which forbids facial hair.

The sight of the clean-shaven Cole answering questions about his future with Yankees took many fans by shock, with some funny reactions quickly spreading on social media.

Cole brought a ‘Yankee fan today, tomorrow, forever’ sign he was pictured with on social media when he attended a match as a child to his press conference.

‘Embodies the true American dream’

Cole rejected the Yankees in 2008 in favour of studying at UCLA when he was selected as the 28th draft pick in the first round.

There was no way he was going to turn down the opportunity 11 years later.

Asked why he chose the Yankees, Cole replied: “Because it was my dream, I had a second opportunity to chase it, it’s the best organisation, in my opinion, in the league.

“What a franchise, with tradition and its success. It kind of embodies the true American dream.”

Lionel Messi and Gerard Pique should not have shaved off the beard, so this Barcelona duo looks incredibly handsome for years. Just look at their pictures at the recent Girona draw.  Let’s find out which football players should never shave!

1. Lionel Messi

Messi still looks cool without a beard, but having more beard makes him look much more attractive and masculine.

2. Sergio Ramos

The captain of Real Madrid has a long face with a pointed chin. Thus, the beard makes his face more balanced and stronger.

3. David de Gea

Possessing a rather angular and pointed face, with the current beard, the Manchester United goalkeeper looks much more masculine and the face will be more full than in Spain or when he first arrived in England.

4. Gerard Pique

The Barcelona center-back probably surprised his fans by seeing him at the last Girona draw in La Liga. Looking at Pique with a beard was too familiar to the eyes, so his smooth beard made him seem to have reduced his attractiveness in appearance.

5. De Rossi

De Rossi looked much gentler than before he had a beard. Looking at the god of Italy at the present time is no different from the assassins or Mafia in blockbuster action movies.

6. Andrea Pirlo

With no beard or beard, Pirlo still exudes an overwhelming artist appearance. But the Italian player with the beard is still more masculine.

7. Juan Mata

The young Juan Juan of Manchester looks young when he was in Valencia, but when he chose to grow a beard when he moved to Chelsea and now Manchester United, Mata is more handsome.

8. Joe Ledley

The Wales star looks much more prominent with his famous bushy beard. The former Crystal Palace star looks like a medieval Viking with a beard instead of a modern office worker with a bare face.

It is a feat that hasn’t been finished since the days of NBA legend Wilt Chamberlain: James Harden scored at the least 30 factors in 32 instantly games this season, the second-longest streak in records.
However it wasn’t the shooting protect’s superb play that inspired Filip Peraic to make Harden the subject of a chain of photographs entitled “James Harden Illustrated,” all proposing the Houston Rockets celebrity’s profile and well-known beard.
“I did no longer select him based totally on his recreation. I simply wanted to find someone aesthetically exciting,” the Croatia-primarily based artist told CNN.
Harden is actually that, one of the greater recognizable NBA stars way to outsized facial hair. “He has this certainly first-class and unique profile along with his beard,” Peraic stated.

Peraic takes creative liberties with a base image this is the proper side of Harden’s face. whether the new picture will become Harden’s signature celebration or a globe, it has turn out to be Peraic’s sketchpad. And it’s made the previous MVP sit up straight and take be aware.
“He already knew approximately my undertaking because a few newshounds requested him,” Peraic stated. but at the same time as Peraic has yet to fulfill Harden, a Twitter shout out changed into the following pleasant component. “This turned into the primary time that he immediately spoke to me,” stated Peraic. “And it’s a amazing feeling and i am glad he did.
“That profile is sort of like a body throughout which I explicit myself.”
The renditions are wide ranging. One moment, Harden is the bust of a Greek logician. the following, Peraic has grew to become the profile right into a map, charting “The Isle of Hardenia.”
they also variety into the greater summary, whether it’s arranging Harden as vegetation or reimagining his beard as a whale.
Peraic is also on top of famous way of life – his maximum recent rendition became a Harden-like black hole after the first picture of a black hollow became rendered.
however all the time spent drawing and designing doesn’t imply Peraic hasn’t taken observe of Harden’s impressive run.
“I am a fan of his recreation and he is basically changing the sport as we comprehend it together with his style of play,” Peraic stated.
The Rockets’ game plan has made for normal-season success, but it has yet to translate to an NBA final berth with Harden on the squad.
However, Houston will in reality depend on its superstar, who helped closing 12 months’s team come to within a game of the NBA Finals. And even as Harden may also have spent some days retweeting Peraic’s snap shots, the Rockets’ shield probably can have extra pressing things on his thoughts throughout this postseason, particularly, an NBA championship.

Over the past seven years of playing in the NBA, Harden has not only grown into a top star, but also impressed viewers by playing and looking like no other.
Writing an average of 31.3 points per game is the number that James Harden is achieving in the NBA this season in the Houston Rockets. He then rose to number one on the NBA’s best scorers list, surpassing a number of top stars such as LeBron James, Stephen Curry or current MVP Russell Westbrook and even rising talent Giannis Antetokounmpo.
The day Harden joined the NBA eight years ago was the day that marked the birth of his branded beard. The beard trimmed and nourished for over half a decade has become more and more sloppy, covering the chin and mouth, giving Harden a unique face in basketball. Rockets fans even believe that because of that beard, Harden has become the NBA superstar. Because of that irrelevant reason, he was called by many people as the “Bearded God”.

When the media asked why not shave, Harden simply replied, “I’m lazy so I don’t want to shave.” In 2013, TMZ, a site specializing in the stars’ private life story, made an attractive offer for James Harden. Accordingly, the news agency is willing to pay $ 80,000 for Harden to clean the bushy beard. However, the American star refused straightforwardly: “I don’t think it’s a convincing price. The $ 80,000 is too little for me to sacrifice my artistic beard.”

Along with the dazzling performance of the NBA, the special beard helped James Harden to be mentioned in many American songs, and his face was printed on marketed T-shirts. There is even a project called James Harden Illustrated created by Filip Peraic designer to describe the NBA superstar’s beard with various technical styles. In 2015, Adidas signed a $ 200 million deal for a 13-year advertising contract with James Harden. One of the terms of the contract is related to the 28-year-old’s beard shape.
Amidst the numerous stars shining in the NBA sky, Harden created his own style both when playing and outside the field.