One thing every guy agrees is that the beard and mustache are powerful tools to assert his masculinity as well as his style. However, like any outfit, not all styles of beard or mustache can give you the look you want. To help make your selection easier, here are the top 5 most popular whiskeys you can choose from and rest assured that they are never outdated.

Round beard

In fact, if you put a hunched, thick beard you will not be evaluated in a good way. However, if you put a short, clean round beard, they are a very effective way to create masculinity as well as to cover up the defects on your face.
If you have not imagined this is a short beard and looks like a small circle around the mouth. In fact, you need to spend enough time to care for this beard because you need to cut, trim, shave and then shape your beard. So, this is definitely not the beard for lazy boys.


If you feel the care of a beard is a bit time consuming, a mustache is a good choice because they can help you to create masculinity as well as for yourself. However, you should also note the type of mustache you choose because not all types bring good results for you.

In fact, the mustache of a straight line and just the right upper lip is the best option if you are just starting to take care of your mustache.


Whether in one form or another, the goatee has always been popular for centuries as a proof that time has no impact on it. Usually, one only has a goatee in the lower portion of the chin. However, one popular variation nowadays is to combine it with a mustache.

Besides, when you choose this style you can let your beard grow completely natural or pruned them continuously to make them perfect.

The ball falls 5 hours

Five o’clock shadow is a great fit for guys who develop their beard so fast after shaving in the early morning they start to regrow.

Clearly this is a short shave and leaves two dewlap on the side of the jaw. This beard is very suitable for guys who want to have a masculine beard but do not like them to grow too thick, causing a lack of neatness.

Short stubble (stubble)

This is a short shaved beard that feels natural and offers a masculine, dusty look for gentlemen. They can help you avoid the feeling of flat, not care for yourself that a thick beard brings both keep the manliness that this kind of “accessories” can bring.

Guy, are you thinking that beard care is not really necessary, it’s a false thought. It is as important as your face care, acne treatment or investment in fashion.

Take care of your beard properly
If you do not take the time to learn how to properly care for a beard, there is a greater risk of harm than enhancing your charm.

If your goal is to get rid of the mustache, shape the beard, perform the entire manscape sieve, the errors listed in the article are common mistakes in most beard care operations. Everyday – from beard pruning to the use of essential oils to increase beard moisture.

Gentlemen pay attention to the details in the care of the beard, to avoid damage to the appearance and health of yourself.

Skip the pre-shaving sequence

Shaving on non-lubricated skin will leave some problems like cuts of razor leading to swelling. So, preparing your face for a “ready-to-use” pre-shave cleanser is essential: experts recommend massage your skin with a product designed to care for your beard. Washing your beard and applying it before shaving is a must, as well as factors to increase the moisture content of the beard.

Clean the razor blade cleanly

Whenever the blade glides on the skin, it carries dead skin, shaved beard and leftover shaving cream. This accumulation reduces the sharpness of the blade and makes it difficult to shave. Gently clean the entire razor blades after each use by shaking gently in the sink under running water. Thorough cleansing and shaving removes mucus that can prevent the growth of the beard.

The foaming solution is not as good as expected

White shaving cream is not a good choice. A quick foam solution will dehydrate and the amount of natural oils on the skin, which is high in bubbles, is what most people use but it is heart breaking to say that manufacturers are wrong to produce them. strong foaming solution.

Therefore, after shaving, always have to look after the skin after-shave conditioner.

Shave with cold water

Any guy who uses a specialized shaving method will be familiar with the treatment of hot face wipes. The reason people use hot water instead of cold water before shaving is because then the pores on the skin will shrink and causing shave cream to penetrate the surface of the skin will increase the problem of dirty beard contaminated. . You can also use a hot shower and shave immediately afterwards or wash your face with warm water to expose the pores.

Cold water is good for shaving, but only after shaving. Remember: “warm before, cold after”. Take care of your beard in a scientific way to make them look real!


Big on style, short on effort. There’s no denying that the goatee has been the top facial hair choice for intellectuals, rockstars, and the rebellious streak for a very long time. It basically refers to any style that features hair on the chin and above the lip only, often connecting to create a unique frame for the mouth. In other words, it’s the artistic, villainous sister of the beard.

Who Does It Suit?

Goatees are essentially the facial hair choice for bad boys, and it’s the perfect option when you want to add more edge to your current style or if you want to do something a little different to the norm. Goatees are also the perfect option when you struggle to grow a complete beard or have problems with uneven or patchy facial hair.

Goatees look fantastic on slim, angular faces and has the ability to make a round face look much more slimmer. George Michael is a perfect example of this. However, always remember that you shouldn’t grow your goatee too long as it can also make your face look extremely lean. Goatees are also a great option for guys with short hair.

How To Maintain a Goatee

You might be surprised to learn that goatees require a steady hand and precision management and are far more difficult to look after than a full beard. You will need to allow your facial hair to continue growing until it reaches a comfortable length where you can maintain it with a beard trimmer. The edging blade of the trimmer is ideal for trimming whiskers on the upper lip and will allow you to trip down the sides as well.

Your jawline will be the perfect guide to show you where the goatee needs to end. The perfect place is usually just below the jawbone. If not, you might end up giving the impression that you’re a Billy goat. Use shave gel or oil, along with a razor, to keep a clean-shaven skin around the goatee. Transparent products will allow you to see where you’re shaving with the razor.

Goatees can be considered as pizza toppings. There are literally hundreds of variations and to figure out which one suits you best, you will need to experiment quite a few times. You can either remove the sidebars to give you a Dartanian look, or you can remove the lip hair altogether to provide you with a Robert Pattinson goatee.

Expert Tip

Always remember to take your time. With goatees, you will always have the option to remove more hair if you don’t like the look. The best way to shape your goatee is by doing it bone dry. Facial hair has a tendency to relax and expand when it’s wet, and it will only contract to its original length when it is completely dry. Remember not to make the mistake of shaping it while its wet as you might realise that you took too much off and then its too late.

To grow a full beard is like a rite of passage which is up there with drinking your first pint, learning how to drive, or purchasing your first adult watch. But like shooting hoops, losing weight, or skiing, it’s one of those things that are ten times harder to achieve than what you initially thought it would be. A full board requires a lot of maintenance, and the longer you grow it, the more problems you will encounter. However, if you can look after it, you will have something to stroke to keep you occupied.

Who Does it Suit?

Of every beard style, there is, there’s no denying that a full beard is the most difficult to achieve. Guys that have oval faces won’t have any problem rocking a full beard, but if you have any other type of face shape, you will need a few creative trimming ideas to make it work.

Narrow faces and slim, angular jaws can be rounded out and softened by keeping the slides a bit longer, while guys with round faces can give the impression of a long face by simply growing the chin hair longer and keeping the sides a bit shorter. Those with a round face can also give the impression of a thinner face by growing the hair located on the front of the face a bit longer than the hair on the sides.

How To Maintain A Full Beard

With a full beard, you’ll get out what you put in. You will need to grow your beard until you reach a personal beard length that you are satisfied with. Use a long setting on your beard trimmer to maintain the length and always remember to trim it when its dry and to brush your beard before maintaining it.

If you initially see patches, be patient as gaps will usually fill in as your hair grows longer. Keep your beard conditioned and glossy by using a beard oil. Facial hair will draw up moisture, leaving the skin beneath it to become flaky and dry. It’s therefore recommended to use your fingers to make sure the oil gets through your beard entirely. Always use a brush or beard comb to reduce the risk of tangles and ensure you distribute beard oil evenly every time.

If you want to maximise the bushiness, we suggest using a blow-dryer on a cool setting. Use a beard brush or small comb and gently tease out as you dry. It’s also recommended that you visit a professional barber every now and then to give it shape.

Expert Tip

The longer the beard, the higher the risk will be that you might look like someone that just returned from an extended vacation at sea. Frequently nip away at the rogue hair and ensure you keep your full beard smooth by using balm or oil. Should you have a full beard as an older guy and are concerned with random grey hair, simply use special dye to take care of it.

During the 1930’s, a stubble beard wasn’t considered an uber-cool look as it is today. It was basically a sign for others that you were down on your luck or just lazy back then. To encourage men to take care of their beard twice a day, a razor company concocted the term “five o’clock shadow’ so that men don’t appear slovenly.

These days, a stubble beard is widely accepted as a halfway house between a full-on Seasick Steve and a clean shave. Stubble is also the easiest to cultivate when you compare it to all the other facial styles available to men. It also suits most face shapes and is the easiest to maintain.

A study at the University of Northumbria found that women prefer a stubble beard style on men and Remington also did research that indicated one out of every five men feel much sexier after a few days of growth. This means that a stubble beard style might be the secret weapon you were looking for before a hot date.

Who Does it Suit?

The stubble beard style is ideal for men with baby faces as a sprinkling of stubble can instantly provide maturity as well as a sense of ruggedness which makes it a perfect option for those that have a difficult time growing a full, thick beard.

Stubble can also transform weak jaws to look stronger and offers a great camouflage for various imperfections such as uneven pigmentation and acne scars. Kept trimmed and neat, it’s a beard style that can look good in both a bar and in the boardroom. However, it’s advisable that you maintain the length. If it’s too short it will give the impression that you merely overslept and if its too long you’ll just appear scruffy. The optimum growth for most men is around 3 to 4 days as this will cause the hair to lay flatter against your face and will not cause ‘pash rash’ either.

How to Maintain

Although this is a low maintenance beard style, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be maintained at all. To keep it looking good, it will require frequent conditioning and trimming. To ensure your stubble remains at optimum length, we highly recommend using a beard trimmer with a 3-4 mm setting. You can either use a precision attachment or remove the guard to get rid of unwanted hair from your Adam’s apple or cheeks.

Your stubble’s patterns might be unique to your face. However, you will be able to change the shape of your face by simply contouring your stubble. The most ideal way to experiment around with proportions is to utilise the beard contouring. To make a round face look longer, we recommend taking notes from Drake and simply shave away all stubble that is situated on the lower cheek in order for your beard to appear lower. You can also graduate the length of your beard below the jawline to strengthen the jaw and soften the look.

For the longest time, the best advice that could be given about beards is to just to grow it without any regard if it fits your face shape or not. If you had some sort of facial hair, you were considered good to go. Though the “wild and free” look does not suit every man, who tries to pull it off. If anything, when it comes to beards, it’s not a one size fits all kind of deal. Just as some hairstyles fit certain face shapes, your facial hair can have the same power. Some styles can flatter you while others will not.

While learning your facial shape as well as the best beard style for you may be a bit difficult, this handy guide might be helpful when you’re at the barber shop getting a new cut.

Oval Face

The oval face shape is no mystery, to understand. Just like an oval, the facial shape is rounded at the forehead and chin yet is still slightly on the longer side. Plus, it happens to be one of the most ideal face shapes for men. Although with this shape, there is little to none jawline definition while your cheeks tend to be on the average size. Will Smith and Jake Gyllenhaal are two great male examples.

The best part about having an oval facial shape is that it does have the potential to suit most facial hard styles, only if you do keep it tamed and well-kept. The best advice for men is to keep a constant 5 o’ clock shadow or complete facial foliage. A popular style is shown to be a shorter beard that has clean, crisp lines.

Round Face

Men who have a round face shape are known for their wider jawlines, their short chin, as well as their wide cheekbones. If anything, this facial shape is commonly seen in Hollywood since Leo DiCaprio, and Jeremy Renner both have it. While this shape may not be the easiest to find a style for, there are a few tips that can make your face appear to be more shaped.

To create the illusion that you have a more defined facial shape, any beard that has a heavy emphasis on the chin would be a perfect solution. Many barbers would recommend that any look that is shorter on the sides (the cheek area) and longer on the chin is extremely flattering.

Square Face

This facial shape is characterised by a prominent, strong, square jawline. This is a common feature associated with Hollywood level actors and male models. The best look for this shape is a beard that highlights your features instead of covers it. One of the main looks for this style that is flattering is going for a round/more circular beard shape. Or the Balbo beard shape would be a good choice as it features no sideburns and a trimmed moustache.
Heart Face

This facial shape is known to have a larger forehead which is over the size of the jawline as well as the cheekbone, which is all accompanied by a pointed chin. Chris Hemsworth should be coming to mind. The best style for men with this style is to create a fuller jawline by growing out a long, thick beard – or an extended goatee.

Many men try to achieve the appearance of having a thicker and fuller beard for a variety of reasons. Maybe they have dreams of competing in a men’s beard competition, or maybe its purely for the aesthetic reasoning. Either way, it’s undeniable that some men do go through issues regarding the growth of their facial hair. The combination of having too early, a less than par skincare routines, and a poor diet can make any man’s beard look patchy, or just simply weak.

Since beards are coming back in style and many are associating them with power and masculinity, it’s not a shocker to know that a variety of men want to grow a fantastic, thick, beard. There are some generic reasons why some men’s beards are thicker than others, and there are a few tips that can help the possibility of your bread becoming thicker.

Before getting into the variety of tips, the first step is to do a mental test of the qualities of your beard. You should separate them into three categories: thickness, length, and liveliness. Though out of all of these three categories, the hardest one to fix is thickness as it is mainly related to your genetics.

How does a beard appear to be thicker?

While some men do have the luxury of being able to grow a thick beard within a couple of weeks, other men seem to be waiting a lifetime to get the desired look. While it may seem as if most men beards grown on different rates – a majority is actually grown in a similar time span.

The three factors that give the appearance of a man having a thicker bear is the colour of the beard (mainly when it appears darker), the overall density, and the length of the beard and hair follicles. While genetics do play a major role in your beard thickness, just making simple changes to your daily routine can help increase the overall health of your beard and finally give you the look that you’ve been looking for.

1. Adopt a Better Skin Care Routine

While it may not be the most masculine thing to change – its true. Having better and healthier skin will lead to a healthier and thicker beard. Other than making your skin look more pleasant to touch and view, finding a good moisturiser and cleanser can help your beard in more ways than one.

The act of cleansing and moisturising your face on a daily basis (once in the morning and once before bed), will help stimulate circulation throughout your hair follicles, along with exfoliating and getting rid of dead skin cells that could be causing a delayed growth with your beard. On the other hand, moisturising will keep your skin hydrated enough to grow thicker hair without the added itchiness.

2. Pick Up Cardio

Having excess weight can stunt the growth of your bead due to it meaning that you most likely have an unhealthy lifestyle. Exercising is known to help stimulate beard growth and make you feel more confident. However, cardio has been studied to be the best exercise to incorporate.

Some of the most popular cardio workout, such as running, biking, and dancing have been proven to help your beard grow faster as well. This is due to an increase in testosterone – which is needed to promote hair follicles becoming stronger along with growth. It also stimulates blood circulation within the body that has a variety of benefits.

3. Be less Stressed

It’s a fact that stress can lead to a variety of issues in your life. Stress has the power to impact your physical appearance by making you look more agitated, and that can have an impact on the appearance and lustre of your beard. To be a bit scientific, stress will affect your cortisol which in turn creates a negative relationship with your body’s testosterone creation. Along with creating issues with your blood vessels – stress is just a big negative you need to get rid of.

Both kinds of stress, short-term, and long-term can make your beard grown in patchier or less dense. Although having a bad sleep schedule that is caused stress makes the challenge of growing a beard more of a hassle. While getting rid of stress is a personal issue that must be solved, mediation and stress relieving techniques will help you and your beard our tremendously.

4. Create a Better Diet

Having a diet that is filled with vitamins and good nutrients can help the growth of your beard. This can be created by eating more veggies, fruits, and healthy meats – such as fish and chicken. A few of the recommended foods that you should begin eating weekly are eggs, healthy greens, and a variety of nuts without the added salt or sugar. This simple step will help your beard look more thick along with giving you more energy throughout the day.

We know the importance of maintaining your facial hair to avoid looked too rugged or unkept. However, we also know that shaving doesn’t always give the longest results, especially for us men who beards and mustaches grow back faster and denser than others. That’s where waxing and threading comes in as two new facial hair maintenance options for me. While these two hair removal options are commonly associated with women’s hair removal, they do provide longer lasting results which means less constant trips to the barber shop and no more spending your mornings shaving off newly grown hairs. Listed below are some of the benefits of using these two methods every once in a while, over shaving.

Facial hair regrowth is thinner and less coarse

While you may start assuming this means that your beard and mustache will eventually thin out and eventually stop growing, waxing and threading doesn’t have that much of an effect. Instead, the more you choose to wax or thread your facial hair – the longer it will take for the hair to grow back since these hair removal methods are ripping out the entire hair follicle. This means that men who facial hair grows back within days will stop having to spend money going to the barber shop and will stop having to waste time in the morning giving themselves a shape up. This can also benefit men whose hair is extremely coarse since threading in particularly can make the hair a bit thinner.

Improved skincare

When you make a choice to wax your facial hair, you are also removing the topmost layer of your skin where dead skin cells are building up. While this may seem like a secondary benefit other than having sharper facial hair line work, the skin that was covered by the wax will appear more fresh and clean due to the instant removal of dead skin cells and oil buildup. However, all men have different skin types, some more sensitive to waxing then others, so be sure to ask your barber which wax will be best for our skin to avoid any breakouts, redness, or rashes from appearing around the waxed area. Or, if you’re opting to do this at home, research what wax will work best for your skin type and test it out on your hand before using it on your face.


While the men who decide to go to a professional barber shop to get their facial hair styled really don’t have to worry about precision, the ones who prefer doing it themselves at home will. Depending on the complexity of your look, shaving can get tricky, especially when trying to shave over a bone or around a curve in your face. Though, waxing and threading allows for more precision and fewer risks of removing too much hair from an area, which will just give a more relaxed experience instead of worrying over how to fix a simple shaving mistake.

Saving money

Since your facial hair isn’t growing back every week due to waxing and threading, you can stop visiting the barber shop and paying money just for a cleanup. This can and will benefit all men who prefer saving a few bucks, looking sharp, and enjoy having an easy and long-lasting facial hair removal system that comes with more benefits and cons.

There are a number of top rated mens beard grooming kits on the market today. Some fail the grade while others, such as those we are highlighting today, pass with flying colours. Beards may not be as popular as they were in the past but are beginning to make a comeback, and for grooming kit manufactures, that is good news.

So to celebrate all that is good, we thought it ideal to take a look at several top-rated men’s beard grooming kits.

Zeus Deluxe Beard Grooming Kit

The Zeus Deluxe Beard Grooming Kit for Men is our most favoured. That is due to a number of qualities this kit offers, especially as it allows you to not only have a good looking beard but have one that is easy to manage and is soft. Housed in an attractive burlap sack, the Zeus Deluxe Beard Grooming Kit is really extensive as it includes a conditioner, shampoo, oil, and a bristle brush.

The Zeus Beard Shampoo and Wash is specially formulated for moustaches and beards. It is ideal for most types of skins and has antioxidant qualities that are perfect for those with sensitive skin. This is due to the main ingredient being a substance that is tree-based which is designed to prevent inflammation of the skin. It also includes green tea, and that is ideal for the controlling of dandruff plus it helps to give the beard a nice sheen.

For those interested, those purchasing the shampoo can also purchase a conditioner and oil for your beard, based on the shampoo, we feel it is well worth the added investment. The full kit is priced competitively, and they offer a variety of scents for their beard oil products. Another nice feature is the shampoo has a nice smell and considering one beard location that alone makes it worth it.

Seven Potions Beard Grooming Set

Seven Potions Beard Grooming Set hails from the United Kingdom and has been making headway since releasing its first kit in 2014. The company’s main focus is towards grooming products for men that use ingredients that are natural. The result has seen Seven Potions continually appearing in best kit lists since its release.

This is a kit for those that are serious about grooming, make no mistake about it. It includes a brush for your beard, beard oil, and shampoo that is carefully designed just for beards. The result is a beard that not only feels good but looks good as well.

One nice side to the Seven Potions kit is all products come in the same size, versus many that come in various sizes that often are half size portions when it comes to oils and conditioners. The beard oil is truly a highlight as it softens the beard and is created with natural ingredients that are nourishing to the skin so as to help in the prevention of issues that aggravate the skin. This is in part due to the addition of vitamin E, sweet almond, jojoba and apricot kernel, all of which help to stimulate growth of your beard.

The shampoo is one most men will find appealing as it has a scent that is reminiscent of the woods. It also includes a list of natural products that software the beard and helps to control dandruff. The nice side is that a little goes a long way with this shampoo and that makes it cost effective.

For a long time, many of us suffered or got grief when we sprouted even the first signs of facial hair. A complaint here or there, and we were back in the bathroom armed with the tools we need for maintaining Beards and Mustaches. Funnily enough, our loved ones have changed their tune of late. Thanks to many male celebrities sporting facial gardens, big bushy beards and manly mustaches are back in. If there was ever a time for you to grow your facial hair out, now is it. If you haven’t given it any thought before, though, there are a few things you need to know.

Keeping it neat, simple and stylish

Firstly, the “gruff” look might work for some, but not for others. Don’t just let it all grow out and hope for the best. A well-groomed beard or mustache is far more pleasing, and not just for you. There are several diagrams and charts out there to help with this, but, choose a facial hairstyle which matches your face.

The longer your beard or mustache is, the dirtier it will become – it’s a fact of life. With that in mind, it can’t hurt washing it. Think about your hair? You wouldn’t let that get all greasy but not washing it, would you? The same thing applies to your beard. A good scrub can remove food particles and dead skin cells, leaving your beard fresh and clean. You may not have given it any thought but dabbing it with a towel (as opposed to the usual rub-down) will stop split ends and keep it un-frizzy too.

A little TLC for your manly beard

If you want to go the extra mile, buying a few products for your beard or mustache can’t hurt. Beard oils are available (scented and unscented) too, and these act in the same way that hair conditioner does. They can make your beard software, gentler to the touch.

Not every man can grow and keep a nice neat mustache. If the mustache is more your cup of tea, but you’re finding that it grows longer in certain places than others, a pair of mustache trimming scissors and a comb can help. There is even a mild wax which you can use to “train” your mustache hairs to grow in a certain direction, which is advantageous for people with “bald spots”.

Certain vitamins can also be taken to help your beard/mustache grow and remain fresh. Vitamins B3, B5 and B9 are good for your beard. Lean meats, dairy products and greens are a good way to get those vitamins if you don’t feel like forking out for supplements.

Finally, there is trimming. Buying a good grooming product, such as a trimmer is a good investment for a styled beard. A full-on beard or a mustache requires a comb and scissors, though. This can often be tedious and time-consuming but can lead to better-looking, neater and tidier beards. Perhaps we should have been clearer at the beginning – beards and mustaches are in – but only well-maintained and well-groomed ones.