Currently, most boys want to give themselves a beard. Because it will make them more elegant and more attractive. Below are some natural ways to grow beards that men should consult.


Beard is also considered a part of androgenic hair. Not everyone has a beard. It depends on the location of each person. So in order to develop the ability to grow a beard, let’s adjust our diet. You should increase fat and protein in your daily meals.

The animal fat you can eat to stimulate beard growth is chicken fat, lard, fish oil, butter, whale fat that is taken from the fat in milk and food, and under the skin, of animals. In addition, you should also eat foods that provide vegetable fats such as peanuts, soy, sunflower, sesame, coconut, olive oil and cocoa butter. Apart from that, we can get protein from seafood, followed by meats, freshwater fish, milk, eggs and more. Foods with the most protein are yellow beans, other beans, sesame, cereals, etc.

Although these two substances are very good for the body, which greatly helps the ability to grow beard naturally, we need to maintain reasonably not to eat too much to avoid obesity.

Work out

In addition to ensuring a reasonable diet, we also need to increase exercise to help blood flow in the body faster. This means that the amount of nutrients transferred to the beard will be faster and more.

Coconut oil

Using coconut oil is also a natural way to stimulate growth of beards faster. In coconut oil contains 2 substances, capric acid and lauric which are essential for the body especially hair. Coconut oil can nourish hair and stimulate beard growth.

Olive oil

The antioxidants of olive oil provide adequate nutrients for beards. In this way it nourishes, moisturizes and enhances the growth of beards at faster speeds.







Over the past seven years of playing in the NBA, Harden has not only grown into a top star, but also impressed viewers by playing and looking like no other.
Writing an average of 31.3 points per game is the number that James Harden is achieving in the NBA this season in the Houston Rockets. He then rose to number one on the NBA’s best scorers list, surpassing a number of top stars such as LeBron James, Stephen Curry or current MVP Russell Westbrook and even rising talent Giannis Antetokounmpo.
The day Harden joined the NBA eight years ago was the day that marked the birth of his branded beard. The beard trimmed and nourished for over half a decade has become more and more sloppy, covering the chin and mouth, giving Harden a unique face in basketball. Rockets fans even believe that because of that beard, Harden has become the NBA superstar. Because of that irrelevant reason, he was called by many people as the “Bearded God”.

When the media asked why not shave, Harden simply replied, “I’m lazy so I don’t want to shave.” In 2013, TMZ, a site specializing in the stars’ private life story, made an attractive offer for James Harden. Accordingly, the news agency is willing to pay $ 80,000 for Harden to clean the bushy beard. However, the American star refused straightforwardly: “I don’t think it’s a convincing price. The $ 80,000 is too little for me to sacrifice my artistic beard.”

Along with the dazzling performance of the NBA, the special beard helped James Harden to be mentioned in many American songs, and his face was printed on marketed T-shirts. There is even a project called James Harden Illustrated created by Filip Peraic designer to describe the NBA superstar’s beard with various technical styles. In 2015, Adidas signed a $ 200 million deal for a 13-year advertising contract with James Harden. One of the terms of the contract is related to the 28-year-old’s beard shape.
Amidst the numerous stars shining in the NBA sky, Harden created his own style both when playing and outside the field.

Karel Poborsky, a former Manchester United player, was extremely proud of his bushy beard. However, because of it, he had to be hospitalized and treated for infections caused by ticks.

Karel Poborsky is a former Man United player from 1996 to 1998 and is a player from the Czech Republic. This year he is 47 years old. Despite retiring, he still regularly participates in some charity matches of the old team. Many people were impressed with his bushy beard. However, few people know that the beard caused him to suffer from illness.

In 2016, Karel Poborsky was hospitalized for Lyme disease. This is an infection transmitted to humans by a bite of a parasitic tick. According to the British press, the tick chose Karel Poborsky’s beard as a shelter. When they were discovered, they bit into the former Man United player and made him infected with Lyme disease. Therefore, he was hospitalized and had to shave off his beloved beard.

The most common sign of infection is the development of red rashes around the bite. In addition, you will have associated side effects such as high fever, headache, muscle, and joint pain and fatigue. To treat this disease, the doctor must prescribe a monthly antibiotic to the patient. Some people even have to reign for years to recover.

With Karel Poborsky’s case, Lyme paralyzed his left cheek. It takes a long time for rehabilitation. However, after leaving the hospital, he continued his interest in beard breeding and participated in Man United’s charity matches. The last time Karel Poborsky participated was the match between Man United legends held in 2017.

Regarding Lyme disease, Karel Poborsky was not the first sports star to be attacked. Former British rugby star Matt Dawson even had to undergo heart surgery after being bitten by a tick while walking on the street. Famous names in Hollywood like Ben Stiller or Richard Gere have also had this disease.

The beard is not simply a sign of masculinity or a contour of male faces. It also has the ability to help you predict health problems.

Slim beards

There are a number of reasons that make beard become thinner than normal. One of them is malnutrition. Experts say that chronic malnutrition will have a big impact on hair loss and development. If the body does not get enough nutrients, the development and maintenance of hair and hair health cannot be optimized.

For hair and beard to grow well, the body needs to be supplied with enough protein and other minerals such as vitamins E, C, H, zinc and fatty acids.

Some health problems such as allergies or anemia can also cause hair loss and hair. If hair loss is accompanied by some health symptoms, go to the doctor for an examination. Because the cause of this phenomenon may be caused by another more serious disease.

Never grow beards

Men who have never grown a beard on their faces should go for a health check. The cause is most likely genetic. However, if the beard is not grown, it is not inherent harm to health. Even some scientific studies found these people are less likely to lose hair than those with dense beards.

Thick beards

Beard is a gender trait that reflects how the body responds to testosterone male hormones. Testosterone also plays an important role in the development of antennae.

Too much beard is a sign that your body is sensitive to testosterone. Testosterone has the ability to turn soft hairs on the face of boys that develop into stiff antennae and long since they started puberty. It is possible that many people will think that thick antennae on their face are a sign that their bodies are healthy and have high testosterone. In fact, this is wrong because thick beards are not always good.

Beard brings masculine beauty and charm to men. Therefore, many men raise beards to affirm their mature and strong demeanor. In particular, the football players are no exception. These beards not only help them to have a more handsome appearance but also give their legs confidence and determination to win on the pitch.

1. Juan Mata (Manchester United)

Mata had cleverly chosen a dense beard and raised her neck to make the face of his childish appearance become more mature and cold. He became determined on the pitch with a good and mature appearance thanks to the beard.

2. Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid)

Forget long-haired romance and a smooth face. Now Ramos is more and more powerful and charming with a sophisticated beard and fashionable hairstyle.

3. Aaron Ramsey (Arsenal)

The Welshman was given more strength on the pitch because the beard was not too long and thick. Ramsey has added to the delight of his beard by shaving two whiskers from the corners of his lips to his chin. The beard makes Ramsey‘s perfect face even more cold and masculine.

4. Luke Shaw (Manchester United)

Although looking more mature, the MU defender is still very dusty and romantic when raising this beard. Shaw gives a highlight to his face by raising a thicker beard.

5. Xabi Alonso (Real Madrid)

The beard that Alonso chose not only raised his appearance as a gentleman but also made him more mature and mature. Thanks to this beard, the striker from Spain looks like a genuine gentleman.

6. Adam Lallana (Liverpool – England)

Lallana’s beard is especially in that he only keeps the beard from the ear to the chin, combining with a little mustache to create a classic yet modern look.

7. Iker Casillas (Real Madrid)

Casillas is simple in fashion, hairstyle and beard style. Only with this naturally grown beard would make girls “lose sleep” for him. Real Madrid goalkeeper looks more mature and masculine with a thick beard.

If you are afraid that growing beards makes your face look old or it does not fit your face, let’s read the article below. The following 5 things will help you have the motivation to grow beards.

1. Good for your health

Beard is a protective layer for our health. Like eyebrows and feathers, the beard prevents 95% of the ultraviolet rays from damaging the skin. In addition, a thick mustache also prevents harmful agents from the air from entering the mouth, which is an effective assistant for people with respiratory problems. However, you must always keep your beard trimmed and take care of it. Otherwise, it will cause the opposite effect.

2. Create a strong first impression

First, you should know the beard will give us a strong impression. In a group of men who go together, a person with a neatly trimmed beard will also receive much attention. In particular, a beautiful beard makes people feel more confident because it looks mature and stable.

3. Help you resist the effects of weather

The beard also becomes a useful shield against the changes in weather temperatures from hot to cold. Specifically, the beard always keeps the face area, especially the mouth area, always cool in summer or warm in winter. Because the beard works like an air conditioner with the task of regulating natural moisture released from the face.

4. Help you look younger

Many people think that having a beard will make them look older and more mature. However, because the beard protects the skin from harmful agents from external and UVs, it will slow down the aging process. Besides, sebum secreted from your skin is kept longer by the whiskers, preventing the skin from becoming dry and infected. Plus, you don’t need to worry about razor skin irritation.

5. Looks more attractive

According to a survey from the University of South Wales, women said men with thin beards look so sexy. Another survey from Northumbria University since 2008 also shows that men with moderate and trimmed beards look most attractive.

For a healthy and pleasant beard, the first thing that gentlemen need to know is how to shave. Experts note that we are of the utmost importance to properly shave, always using new blades and high sharpness, using warm water to stimulate healthy and uniform beard. To have a beautiful beard, we need a strong beard first.

Also need to know the steps of facial skin care with appropriate skin care products. In particular, the electric razor’s shave routine will adversely affect the ability to create skewed whiskers inside. So, add in the sharpest personal items of razors.

Tip: Clean your beard daily with exfoliating products to help your beard grow healthily.

Choose a style
Depending on the level of activity of the hormone of each person, the beard can grow quickly and differently. Some people are too luxuriant, fast. Someone is just like a flat and smoldering glacier. But even if you belong to any of these groups, if you have started shaving, congratulations, you have entered the race of the world of men – the leading lions.

For natural beard
A perfect type of beard can make a man’s jaw seem heavier, but in return, we get the most masculine and satisfying images. At this stage, experts advise men to let beard grow under natural chin, which can limit cheek facial movements. This helps quantify the weight as well as assess the “roots” of any beard. If you are a gentleman who likes to conquer long-term and exciting goals, thick beard types for his owners seem mysterious and powerful as one of the choices not to be missed.

Trimming beard
To really create clear shapes, use scissors and beard trimmers. It is also the work of real men, always keeping a neat appearance in the cheeks, chin and neck. Not only is a part of the body, a beautiful beard is also the precious jewelry of those who begin to set foot in the real world of men.

Beard care
At this stage, you seem to have almost entered the world of men. You already own an attractive beard, but will not keep it long or highlight its beauty without the help of care products. Properly caring for a beard can retain a man’s temperament if you are a professional bearded player, otherwise you will ruin your longevity.

Shaving seems to be simple but it is an easy job to make mistakes and hurt the skin if you are not careful.

If you watch on television and see perfect and precise shaving lines from your cheekbones to your chin and down your neck and then imitate it. So you’re missing one of the most important elements of shaving: The difference of each face. Each of us has a different direction of developing beard and hair. Therefore, you need to be sure to understand the direction of your beard growth to avoid leaving bad scars.
Before shaving, take some time to study the outline of your face and get used to the direction of your beard development. To avoid collision, notice how to shave in the same direction of hair growth and scrape short lines of about 2.5-3cm.

At first glance, shaving doesn’t seem like it takes too much time, but they also cut your hair. The scrape and rushing will leave a lumpy skin surface, not to mention they can hurt you if the razor accidentally scratches the skin. So, reward your beard for a long enough time to take care of them.
Ideally, you should still shave once, rinse with water and continue shaving again to completely remove the remaining stubble. In addition, electric razors are also a good way to shorten shaving time.

You can also cause damage to your skin if you apply too much pressure to the shaving blade. If you press down too hard it can hurt the skin without you knowing. Until the beard grows back, it will create a scar from the razor and, of course, is not beautiful at all. Instead, we recommend using a sharp, new blade on the two-sided safety razor to be easily used right on the skin surface without having to press down.

The shaving process can be harsh and dry the skin. Before shaving, wet your face with warm water to expand pores, then use cold water to wash again after shaving to help you shrink the pores that have just been shaved. After that, you should equip a moisturizer suitable for your skin. Ingredients such as Jojoba oil, tea tree oil and lavender oil, will not only nourish your skin, but also prevent scars from occurring.

One thing every guy agrees is that the beard and mustache are powerful tools to assert his masculinity as well as his style. However, like any outfit, not all styles of beard or mustache can give you the look you want. To help make your selection easier, here are the top 5 most popular whiskeys you can choose from and rest assured that they are never outdated.

Round beard

In fact, if you put a hunched, thick beard you will not be evaluated in a good way. However, if you put a short, clean round beard, they are a very effective way to create masculinity as well as to cover up the defects on your face.
If you have not imagined this is a short beard and looks like a small circle around the mouth. In fact, you need to spend enough time to care for this beard because you need to cut, trim, shave and then shape your beard. So, this is definitely not the beard for lazy boys.


If you feel the care of a beard is a bit time consuming, a mustache is a good choice because they can help you to create masculinity as well as for yourself. However, you should also note the type of mustache you choose because not all types bring good results for you.

In fact, the mustache of a straight line and just the right upper lip is the best option if you are just starting to take care of your mustache.


Whether in one form or another, the goatee has always been popular for centuries as a proof that time has no impact on it. Usually, one only has a goatee in the lower portion of the chin. However, one popular variation nowadays is to combine it with a mustache.

Besides, when you choose this style you can let your beard grow completely natural or pruned them continuously to make them perfect.

The ball falls 5 hours

Five o’clock shadow is a great fit for guys who develop their beard so fast after shaving in the early morning they start to regrow.

Clearly this is a short shave and leaves two dewlap on the side of the jaw. This beard is very suitable for guys who want to have a masculine beard but do not like them to grow too thick, causing a lack of neatness.

Short stubble (stubble)

This is a short shaved beard that feels natural and offers a masculine, dusty look for gentlemen. They can help you avoid the feeling of flat, not care for yourself that a thick beard brings both keep the manliness that this kind of “accessories” can bring.

Guy, are you thinking that beard care is not really necessary, it’s a false thought. It is as important as your face care, acne treatment or investment in fashion.

Take care of your beard properly
If you do not take the time to learn how to properly care for a beard, there is a greater risk of harm than enhancing your charm.

If your goal is to get rid of the mustache, shape the beard, perform the entire manscape sieve, the errors listed in the article are common mistakes in most beard care operations. Everyday – from beard pruning to the use of essential oils to increase beard moisture.

Gentlemen pay attention to the details in the care of the beard, to avoid damage to the appearance and health of yourself.

Skip the pre-shaving sequence

Shaving on non-lubricated skin will leave some problems like cuts of razor leading to swelling. So, preparing your face for a “ready-to-use” pre-shave cleanser is essential: experts recommend massage your skin with a product designed to care for your beard. Washing your beard and applying it before shaving is a must, as well as factors to increase the moisture content of the beard.

Clean the razor blade cleanly

Whenever the blade glides on the skin, it carries dead skin, shaved beard and leftover shaving cream. This accumulation reduces the sharpness of the blade and makes it difficult to shave. Gently clean the entire razor blades after each use by shaking gently in the sink under running water. Thorough cleansing and shaving removes mucus that can prevent the growth of the beard.

The foaming solution is not as good as expected

White shaving cream is not a good choice. A quick foam solution will dehydrate and the amount of natural oils on the skin, which is high in bubbles, is what most people use but it is heart breaking to say that manufacturers are wrong to produce them. strong foaming solution.

Therefore, after shaving, always have to look after the skin after-shave conditioner.

Shave with cold water

Any guy who uses a specialized shaving method will be familiar with the treatment of hot face wipes. The reason people use hot water instead of cold water before shaving is because then the pores on the skin will shrink and causing shave cream to penetrate the surface of the skin will increase the problem of dirty beard contaminated. . You can also use a hot shower and shave immediately afterwards or wash your face with warm water to expose the pores.

Cold water is good for shaving, but only after shaving. Remember: “warm before, cold after”. Take care of your beard in a scientific way to make them look real!