One of the biggest problems of male skin comes from shaving. Although it is not always a daily task, shaving requires both time and concentration to smooth shaving. Many men after shaving suffer pain and lead to dull skin. So how to shave properly? Please read the article below carefully.

Wash your face before shaving

For many men, dirt, oil, and scum can destroy the blade. A clean surface makes the surface safer for the blade.

Shave when bathing

Softening the hairs and hard skin before shaving helps limit ingrown hairs and hairs. For those in a hurry who don’t have time to take a bath, try wetting the towel with warm water and applying it on the face until it cools.

Use a sharp blade

A new sharp and clean blade will prevent ingrown hairs, irregular cuts, and damaged skin.

Which direction should be shaved

Most men should use a blade against the hair growth direction when shaving, which ensures that the hairs are cut as close as possible. However, people with sensitive skin should experiment differently. For most men with sensitive skin, some parts of the face and not the entire face may be irritated. At these points, try shaving in the direction of hair growth. This will reduce the amount of friction and irritation caused by stubborn little hairs. For people with beards that grow wild, shave down for a few weeks. Gradually, the hair will grow in the same direction.

Surfing razor

Most razors have a point-to-point protection design in this scenario, but the more you press, the more damage you can do to the skin. Sensitive skin will experience greater irritation, more sensitivity and more dry skin. And don’t think that shaving helps oily skin: removing too much skin will stimulate oil glands to produce more oil to compensate, from which oily skin becomes even more oily.

Have you ever thought about raising a beard to increase your masculinity? And do you know if the harmonious and uniform hair styles and beard styles will bring unexpectedly positive changes to looks? Let’s find the answer to the issues surrounding the balance of beard and hair in this article.

Hair is a very interesting thing: you spend many years feeding it, using a variety of drugs to stimulate different beards, but the result is only a few stalks. And then, suddenly one day the amount of testosterone in the body suddenly increased dramatically, and as a phenomenon of “hydroelectricity flooding”, your beard becomes dense and rich like tropical shrub. But, instead of picking up the knife and scraping away the beard, you can also consider, trim a little bit to get everything to be labeled, suitable for the male hairstyle you’re leaving. One of the points that men often don’t care about is the harmony between the male hair model and the type of beard they are wearing. Do not think that everything is simple and the necessary question is “should beard or not?” – there is an art to help hair, beard and overall face be balanced, more harmonious.
To help gentlemen choose for themselves male hair models as well as the most suitable beard styles, we will answer common questions about whiskers and male hair models.

Which issues should we consider first: male hair models or beard styles? And why?
It depends on what your body is strong. If you own a thick hair, don’t waste it. Use it as a basis to choose the type of beard that fits it. On the other hand, if you have a thin hair, the beard will help you attract more, distracting people from your own weaknesses. At that time, you should choose for yourself an impressive, suitable beard style with the front face, then choose the male hair models to go with.

So what about the color problem? Suppose silver hair is on the top of the head, but the rest is still black or brown, so should you dye your hair, or is it just like that? Similarly, what if bleaching bright colors? Are there combinations of hair should be tested or should be avoided?

For those in the entertainment industry, hair care is not as beautiful as a natural multicolored hair or beard. There are people who spend a few thousand dollars a year to care for the beard or change the trendy male hairstyles.

However, just as the question mentioned above, it will be difficult for you to choose the type of beard when your hair has been treated with chemicals. For example, the black hairline is exposed after a period of bleaching, or bleached hair is tarnished by oxidation, becoming yellow. Avoid choosing bright tones when dyeing your hair, as well as avoiding staining of the beard to match your hair color, if you have that idea, unless you want to look really outstanding among the crowd.

So with baldness, or a little hair at the top of the head, should it stop going and instead try to feed a beard right away?
It is a matter of confidence. If it’s something that makes you feel self-deprecated, you should try to raise your beard. Often, owning a beard will help men feel more confident. However, if the beard grows unevenly, as well as sparsely and aesthetically, it is like rubbing salt on an open wound. In this case, raising the beard completely is not recommended but instead focus on improving your hair.

What type of beard fits the head?
It depends on the location of each person. The head of the nail often brings a round feeling that lacks the edges, so it is suitable for those with angular faces. So if you are a plump, full-length, natural, less pruned beard type will be a perfect combination, giving them a little more thorn, adding to the rigidity, The masculinity of this military standard hair.

A group of Swiss researchers found that beards contain more bacteria than dog hair. Some of them are very harmful to health.

In a study of the possibility of transmission between humans and dogs, researchers at the Hirslanden Clinic in Switzerland found that men’s antennae contain more germs and bacteria than dogs’ fur. This shocking study has been published on the website of the National Library of Medicine.

The researchers conducted beard sampling of 18 men from 18 to 76 years old and the neck hair of 30 dogs belonging to different breeds to compare the amount of bacteria. The researchers said the results showed that the amount of bacteria on men’s antennae was significantly higher than that of dog hair. Besides, seven men and four dogs positive for pathogenic bacteria in humans including Enterococcus faecalis cause urinary tract infections and Staphylococcus aureus causing serious infections if they enter the blood.

More alarming are the pathogenic microorganisms that were found in the beard of 7 out of 18 men, but only in the coat of 4 out of 30 dogs. The researchers also added that many bacteria have also been found in the oral cavity of humans than in the oral cavity.

Professor Gutzeit, the study’s lead author, came up with humorous conclusions that based on our findings, dogs can be considered cleaner than bearded men.

Keith Flett, the founder of Beard Liberation Front of the UK, immediately responded to the conclusion of this new study. He thought it was annoying if people took samples of bacteria from your beard or hands. Keith Flett also did not believe that the man’s beard was unhygienic. There seem to be countless negative stories about the beards that are constantly being woven and cause unreasonable fear of beard fear.

While men who have a hobby of raising beards are like those in ancient times, science now offers evidence to oppose this. Beard is always a proud symbol of men because it shows masculinity, intellect and difference. However, in addition to daily care and accompanying itching and inconvenience, perhaps now men have another reason to think about shaving their beard.

A study from 8,520 women showed that they share the same view that bearded men look more attractive and worth starting an emotional relationship. But surprisingly, another survey found that stubble is not a seductive point for women but rather a stubborn beard. So you know how to take care of a bearded beard properly to conquer some girl yet?

Men today should pay more attention to beard care, according to a study cited by The Journal of Evolutionary Biology showing that women prefer men to beard. The study took the results from 8,520 women surveyed and they shared the same view that bearded men look more attractive and especially to the stubble, they are the object that women believe deserves to be. Start an emotional relationship.
Previously, a joint study of the University of Queensland, Charles Sturt and New South Wales indicated that the reason beard is considered an attraction of a man because it is a sign of maturity. But, the stubble is attractive but not the most, but the stubble of beard is what makes women feel attracted. Therefore, men need to know how to take care of the beard and create a beard with 6 steps that Dan Michel – Men’s Health Fashion Editor suggests:

1. Always keep the beard looking neat and clean by using a trimmer that incorporates protective clothing to trim

2. When using the trimmer, hold the device’s nose down and push the arc shape from the cheek down to the neck until it reaches the apple; Always pay attention to the length of the beard and try to keep them close to the skin as possible

3. If the stubble grows on the cheek, it must be shaved to make sure that the stubble is grown only under the cheekbone and along the chin.

4. Take care of the beard on the edge by always keeping them neat; Use trimmer trimmer to ensure medium length with lips

5. When trimming the antennae under the chin, the trimmer must be turned upside down

6. Use your finger to check if the beard has been trimmed closely, if there is an irregular spot, use trimmer to trim it back.

In reality, most fierce beards and mustaches which symbolize today’s “manly man” appearance wouldn’t seem absolutely manly with out a bit help. Wax specifically formulated for the beard and mustache can prevent a full, bushy beard from turning into lots of adorable little curls.

Here’s a study the top pleasant beard and mustache wax options in the marketplace, with some suggestions on the way to use the wax to best display your manliness.

1. Stache Bomb Stache Wax
Produced in Portland, Maine, Stache Bomb Stache Wax is one of those products you simply have to love because it changed into created through a person sick of inferior merchandise. Jamin Badger grew out his mustache to fight the cold Maine winter of 2010, most effective to locate that to be had mustache waxes didn’t do the activity.

Like all enterprising American, Badger decided to make his personal homemade mustache wax, and the rest is history.

Stache Bomb Stache Wax is made basically of soft beeswax, with an underlying pine heady scent which many describe as citrusy. Stache Bomb is softer than most waxes in the marketplace; It’ll hold mustache hairs from your mouth and in region, however with out the “caked” texture so many different waxes seem to provide.

2. Honest Amish original Beard Wax – All herbal and natural
The Amish are recognised for many things, which includes their epic beards. Frankly, they’ve forgotten extra about beard care than maximum people will ever know.

Sincere Amish Authentic Beard Wax changed into first offered inside the Seventies as an effective manner to “wax out the wildness” in a person’s beard. The fact the product continues to be famous forty five years later ought to let you know that the pleasant and effectiveness of this beard wax are top-notch.

Each tin of sincere Amish Beard Wax is made by using hand, even in any case this time. The components are based totally on a proprietary aggregate of components along with organic oils, fruit oils, nut oil, butters and beeswax harvested in Pennsylvania Amish groups.
3. Mountaineer Brand 100% Natural Moustache Wax
Mountaineer Brand 100% Natural Mustache Wax is produced in West Virginia, a kingdom where many mountain guys have mighty spectacular facial hair.

This product is a more impregnable mustache wax than the Stache Bomb; in case your mustache is exposed to extreme factors at some stage in sports like driving a motorbike or you live in an surroundings with high humidity, a more impregnable wax is important to hold your hair below manipulate.

Mountaineer is a lesser-regarded logo, however it makes our pinnacle 6 satisfactory mustache wax listing for a unique motive. It’s crafted from a beeswax base like many different merchandise but does now not have the off-yellow look of almost each other mustache wax on the market.

The research team from the University of Western Australia published a study on the relationship between bebeard and testicles.

According to a recent study, men with long hair and beards may have smaller testicles than those with less hair. This study found that human beings, as well as more than a hundred other primates, face an unsolvable evolutionary problem related to the genitals.

Research groups from the University of Western Australia, who conducted the study, said a man may look attractive or have  large genitals but rarely both.

Animals can take the effort to attract their partners with impressive manes or beard or use that energy for genital development. This means that men with bearded whiskers and long hair are more likely to have smaller testes.

For the remaining primates, this trade-off is expressed in forms such as baboon’s red buttocks or simple looks and large testicular pairs in less impressive species. Dr. Cyril Grueter, a primitive scholar and co-author of the study, said testicle size has a big difference and is related to men’s appearance. Some primates are equipped with flashy tools such as beard, mane, nose or cheeks that stand out as well as countless colors on their faces and fur.

The study of testicular size focused on more than 100 primates and discovered that there were significant differences between these species. In the smallest testes, this part is about the size of pepper while the size of the largest testicle is equal to a tennis ball. The researchers explained that those attracted to their partners with long-haired hair will not have enough energy to invest in the genitals.

They chose to study the size of primate testes because there are significant differences between different populations. According to the researchers’ guess, one of the reasons for this inconsistency is that trying to achieve both consumes too much energy.

Currently, most boys want to give themselves a beard. Because it will make them more elegant and more attractive. Below are some natural ways to grow beards that men should consult.


Beard is also considered a part of androgenic hair. Not everyone has a beard. It depends on the location of each person. So in order to develop the ability to grow a beard, let’s adjust our diet. You should increase fat and protein in your daily meals.

The animal fat you can eat to stimulate beard growth is chicken fat, lard, fish oil, butter, whale fat that is taken from the fat in milk and food, and under the skin, of animals. In addition, you should also eat foods that provide vegetable fats such as peanuts, soy, sunflower, sesame, coconut, olive oil and cocoa butter. Apart from that, we can get protein from seafood, followed by meats, freshwater fish, milk, eggs and more. Foods with the most protein are yellow beans, other beans, sesame, cereals, etc.

Although these two substances are very good for the body, which greatly helps the ability to grow beard naturally, we need to maintain reasonably not to eat too much to avoid obesity.

Work out

In addition to ensuring a reasonable diet, we also need to increase exercise to help blood flow in the body faster. This means that the amount of nutrients transferred to the beard will be faster and more.

Coconut oil

Using coconut oil is also a natural way to stimulate growth of beards faster. In coconut oil contains 2 substances, capric acid and lauric which are essential for the body especially hair. Coconut oil can nourish hair and stimulate beard growth.

Olive oil

The antioxidants of olive oil provide adequate nutrients for beards. In this way it nourishes, moisturizes and enhances the growth of beards at faster speeds.







Over the past seven years of playing in the NBA, Harden has not only grown into a top star, but also impressed viewers by playing and looking like no other.
Writing an average of 31.3 points per game is the number that James Harden is achieving in the NBA this season in the Houston Rockets. He then rose to number one on the NBA’s best scorers list, surpassing a number of top stars such as LeBron James, Stephen Curry or current MVP Russell Westbrook and even rising talent Giannis Antetokounmpo.
The day Harden joined the NBA eight years ago was the day that marked the birth of his branded beard. The beard trimmed and nourished for over half a decade has become more and more sloppy, covering the chin and mouth, giving Harden a unique face in basketball. Rockets fans even believe that because of that beard, Harden has become the NBA superstar. Because of that irrelevant reason, he was called by many people as the “Bearded God”.

When the media asked why not shave, Harden simply replied, “I’m lazy so I don’t want to shave.” In 2013, TMZ, a site specializing in the stars’ private life story, made an attractive offer for James Harden. Accordingly, the news agency is willing to pay $ 80,000 for Harden to clean the bushy beard. However, the American star refused straightforwardly: “I don’t think it’s a convincing price. The $ 80,000 is too little for me to sacrifice my artistic beard.”

Along with the dazzling performance of the NBA, the special beard helped James Harden to be mentioned in many American songs, and his face was printed on marketed T-shirts. There is even a project called James Harden Illustrated created by Filip Peraic designer to describe the NBA superstar’s beard with various technical styles. In 2015, Adidas signed a $ 200 million deal for a 13-year advertising contract with James Harden. One of the terms of the contract is related to the 28-year-old’s beard shape.
Amidst the numerous stars shining in the NBA sky, Harden created his own style both when playing and outside the field.

Karel Poborsky, a former Manchester United player, was extremely proud of his bushy beard. However, because of it, he had to be hospitalized and treated for infections caused by ticks.

Karel Poborsky is a former Man United player from 1996 to 1998 and is a player from the Czech Republic. This year he is 47 years old. Despite retiring, he still regularly participates in some charity matches of the old team. Many people were impressed with his bushy beard. However, few people know that the beard caused him to suffer from illness.

In 2016, Karel Poborsky was hospitalized for Lyme disease. This is an infection transmitted to humans by a bite of a parasitic tick. According to the British press, the tick chose Karel Poborsky’s beard as a shelter. When they were discovered, they bit into the former Man United player and made him infected with Lyme disease. Therefore, he was hospitalized and had to shave off his beloved beard.

The most common sign of infection is the development of red rashes around the bite. In addition, you will have associated side effects such as high fever, headache, muscle, and joint pain and fatigue. To treat this disease, the doctor must prescribe a monthly antibiotic to the patient. Some people even have to reign for years to recover.

With Karel Poborsky’s case, Lyme paralyzed his left cheek. It takes a long time for rehabilitation. However, after leaving the hospital, he continued his interest in beard breeding and participated in Man United’s charity matches. The last time Karel Poborsky participated was the match between Man United legends held in 2017.

Regarding Lyme disease, Karel Poborsky was not the first sports star to be attacked. Former British rugby star Matt Dawson even had to undergo heart surgery after being bitten by a tick while walking on the street. Famous names in Hollywood like Ben Stiller or Richard Gere have also had this disease.

The beard is not simply a sign of masculinity or a contour of male faces. It also has the ability to help you predict health problems.

Slim beards

There are a number of reasons that make beard become thinner than normal. One of them is malnutrition. Experts say that chronic malnutrition will have a big impact on hair loss and development. If the body does not get enough nutrients, the development and maintenance of hair and hair health cannot be optimized.

For hair and beard to grow well, the body needs to be supplied with enough protein and other minerals such as vitamins E, C, H, zinc and fatty acids.

Some health problems such as allergies or anemia can also cause hair loss and hair. If hair loss is accompanied by some health symptoms, go to the doctor for an examination. Because the cause of this phenomenon may be caused by another more serious disease.

Never grow beards

Men who have never grown a beard on their faces should go for a health check. The cause is most likely genetic. However, if the beard is not grown, it is not inherent harm to health. Even some scientific studies found these people are less likely to lose hair than those with dense beards.

Thick beards

Beard is a gender trait that reflects how the body responds to testosterone male hormones. Testosterone also plays an important role in the development of antennae.

Too much beard is a sign that your body is sensitive to testosterone. Testosterone has the ability to turn soft hairs on the face of boys that develop into stiff antennae and long since they started puberty. It is possible that many people will think that thick antennae on their face are a sign that their bodies are healthy and have high testosterone. In fact, this is wrong because thick beards are not always good.