The length of the beard of the members of the US Navy cannot be allowed to exceed 12 mm, while the police in a state in India receive a pension if they have mustaches. Those interesting facts about mustaches and beards like that will be revealed in the article below.

Movember is the abbreviation for November and Mustaches. It is said that Movember is meant to encourage men to grow beards in order to increase awareness of men’s health in the community. According to statistics, more than 4 million people worldwide have signed up to join the charity Movember Foundation and raise £ 345 million. The UK Genetic Prostate Cancer Study sponsors the program. Scientists say a man’s face has 10,000 to 20,000 hairs and an average of 600 mustaches.

On average, a month of the mustache can hold 30 ml of liquid or 10% of a beer before the liquid runs down your face. Many people say that this ability helps men not to worry about the beer spill when they take a big sip.

According to many studies, great scientists have owned mustache for more than 50 years.

Archaeologists first discovered a picture of the mustache in 300 BC. It depicts an Iranian engineer with a dark black mustache in a pose playing an ancient sport.

In 1967, the legendary group The Beatles raised a beard to make the album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts.

The mustache of Burt Reynolds, the legendary Hollywood star, reached nearly 4,000 views on Facebook.

On average, a man touches his mustache about 760 times a day.

A man with a mustache to kiss a woman is illegal in Eureka, Nevada, USA.

The length of the beard of the members of the US Navy cannot exceed 12 mm.

Singh Chauhan, an Indian citizen, is the longest bearded man in the world with a length of nearly 4.3 m. He often kept his beard in mustard and coconut oil to keep it healthy.

The Indian government pays police in the Madhya Pradesh district to raise mustaches to show respect to their superiors.

You can skip the skin care steps people often mention, except after shaving cream. At the very least, you will realize that cosmetics will make your shaving a lot easier and more beautiful. Here are the best shaving cream available today at a very affordable price for you.

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If you own a normal skin (no oil, no dryness) and want to find a product that always keeps your skin natural and moisturized, this is a good choice. This lotion is lightweight so it will be perfect if you can use it daily, even several times a day. It contains sunflower essential oil that helps protect your skin from scars and redness from shaving.

Famous worldwide for his appearance like the old man, the 26-year-old Kenyan player suddenly shaved. After shaving, Joash looked a bit older, but many still mistook him for being in his forties.

On June 18, 2019, the Kenyan Football Federation uploaded a picture of Joash training with the team to prepare for the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations (CAN Cup). What is striking is that Joash with a white beard and an aging face makes many people think he is 62 years old.

Ahead of AFCON 2019, the Kenya Football Federation has announced a focus list to prepare for the tournament. Notably, on this list is the presence of 26-year-old defender Joash Onyango. Although he is only 26 years old according to information from the Kenya Football Association, with the beard changing to white, this player on Gor Mahia’s staff has made many people doubt about his age when he looks like an old man.

Many people later searched for information and discovered Joash was only 26 years old this year. This makes the online community in the world to boil. One resident shared that the only reason that person was interested in the CAN Cup was to see 26-year-old Joash Onyango play for Kenya. There is another joke that if Joash Onyango is really 26 years old, that person is not really born.

It was obvious that dying the beard was a wrong decision of Joash Onyango as this made him much older than before. After the football fans were surprised, Joash decided to shave. His new appearance is now more true to his age, but many people still consider him quite old, around 40 years old.

However, ignoring the visual story, Joash Onyango will be the mainstay of Kenya at AFCON 2019. The 2019 African Championship officially starts from June 22, 2019 with the opening match between the home team Egypt and Zimbabwe. Kenya made a match against Algeria on June 24, 2019.

Shaving can be considered as one of the relatively easy care activities for men, but are they sure they have memorized all the notes that cannot be missed in the work?

When it comes to shaving, some men will immediately think that this is a simple job that surely everyone can do. However, in fact, this “cleaning” period is one of the problems that can hurt the skin and its own health.

So to avoid the nuisance affecting beauty, we will help you synthesize the “bullet points” to note for shaving!

1.Wash with a knife or a machine?
The prerequisite before performing this beauty routine, you must have your own separate tool. However, some people say that using a razor will be easier, and some people say that it is better to use a shaver. So should we use a knife or a shaver after all?

In fact, for men with a masculine beard, or a dense and dense beard, the most suitable tool is a shaver. By this utility tool will help you remove them quickly, gently and a lot easier.

2. Do not shave too often
Many people have a habit of shaving every day because they think that a smooth, smooth face, no beard will give a clean appearance, but this habit will make the beard grow faster, increasingly hard and drier. before. Moreover, at this time, the damage after shaving has not been restored, it is easy to be allergic, red and easily cause dermatitis for the skin of the guy.

3. Shave in the direction they grow
While shaving is a familiar problem with men, most people don’t care about the right way to shave. There are still some people who unknowingly shave in the opposite direction, which can open the pores of the skin and can lead to ingrown hairs in the future. It is easier, however, that doing so can easily injure the skin or can cause an infection, especially for guys with a bushy beard.

4. Use specialized creams when shaving
Dry shave is a common habit in men, they do not know that this seemingly harmless action is the cause of the scratches after shaving, making the skin dry and prone to irritation. application. So, because of their outer beauty, you guys should try to buy yourself a bottle of specialized shaving cream. This not only makes the process of cleaning the beard easy but also extremely safe for the skin!

5. Clean your face and razor after shaving
Skin care after shaving. To avoid dry, itchy skin, you can use creams rich in vitamins E, B3, pro-vitamin B5, replenish moisture, soothe and enhance skin vitality.

And remember that the most wonderful thing that men often forget is not to clean the razor after finishing this beauty job. This can easily lead to diseases such as fungal infections, bacteria that multiply due to the remaining shaving cells.

Beard is a masculine symbol associated with men. However, have you ever wondered why men have beards while women and children do not? What is the purpose of the beard?

Humans are almost the only hairless mammals to cover their bodies. So we invented clothes that do the duty of keeping warm. But what about beards? Why do we have beards? And why only men have beards and women and children absolutely do not have?

Previous studies have explained this, suggesting that men grow beards to attract females and increase their ability to find mates. However, a recent study has shown that the main purpose of growing a beard is just to become more confident and masculine in the face of other men.

And not only beard, voice is also an evolutionary trait for this. To prove it, scientists in the UK conducted a study of 20 men and 20 women. Applicants will be asked to rate the masculinity and sexiness of the 6 men.

The results showed that men with deep, warm voices were considered to be seductive. However, the problem is that the right voice is “just right”, and the high and low tone must be taken lightly. On the contrary, the deeper the voice, the more intimidating he becomes to other men. As for beards, even this factor does not affect the level of sex appeal. However, a person who has no beard when growing a beard will become more prestigious.

In fact, there have been some previous studies suggesting that women like bearded men, but all are not enough evidence. What’s more, many studies have shown that many women find men to have a smooth beard to look good.

Therefore, scientists have come up with another possibility. Specifically, in the issue of reproduction, we are not simply beautiful but also have to compete with individuals of the same gender. And this is exactly why men need to grow beards.

New York Yankees record signing Gerrit Cole is one of the most famous bearded athletes in sport.

At his official unveiling by the New York franchise, the iconic beard was gone and fans were losing their minds.

Cole fronted media on Wednesday (Thursday AEDT) after signing a record nine-year deal with the Yankees reportedly worth US$324million (A$471m) – leaving the Houston Astros to enter free agency.

The 29-year-old’s deal will run until the 2028 MLB season, with a player opt-out following the 2024 campaign.

Boyhood Yankees fan Cole’s package is reported to be the highest ever in terms of contract value for a free agent starting pitcher and annual average for any free agent.

However, the eye-watering deal came with a big catch – Cole had to ditch the facial hair that had almost come to define him.

The pitcher was forced to shave off the beard as part of the Yankees’ famous appearance policy, which forbids facial hair.

The sight of the clean-shaven Cole answering questions about his future with Yankees took many fans by shock, with some funny reactions quickly spreading on social media.

Cole brought a ‘Yankee fan today, tomorrow, forever’ sign he was pictured with on social media when he attended a match as a child to his press conference.

‘Embodies the true American dream’

Cole rejected the Yankees in 2008 in favour of studying at UCLA when he was selected as the 28th draft pick in the first round.

There was no way he was going to turn down the opportunity 11 years later.

Asked why he chose the Yankees, Cole replied: “Because it was my dream, I had a second opportunity to chase it, it’s the best organisation, in my opinion, in the league.

“What a franchise, with tradition and its success. It kind of embodies the true American dream.”

Usually, each beard transplant lasts from 6 to 8 hours. After the customer has chosen the type of beard that he wants to implant, the doctor will strip the scalp to remove the hairline of the customer. The next step is surgery and splitting the cuticle to transplant the hair roots into a beard.

It can take at least a week for hair to grow into a beard and not become infected. During that time, clients must take antibiotics and painkillers and visit the salon regularly to monitor the success rate.

Beauty salon consultants say it is difficult to use animal hair or man-made fibers for implants. Because only the hair is the same endocrine gland and the same hormone. Thus, when the hairline is separated from the scalp to transplant into the face skin, the hair follicle tissue does not change much.

As long as the customer is willing to work after a week, the hairline will adapt to the new “land” and the hair will grow out like a beard. Then, customers just trimmed to make this beard look most natural.

According to the cosmetic surgeon, the reason why customers have to grow their own hair roots is because of the highest success rate. The procedure is simple because it is minor surgery but the unfortunate thing that the men did not anticipate is that the characteristics of the hair after transplanting into the beard remain the same nature, but as a hair, when it grows long, it will not go down to the corner of the mouth. Like a wild beard, it looks very strange and if cut short, the hairs grown from the hair will stand up again, pointing forward like a brush.

In fact, there have been many victims of beard transplantation. There are people who grow beards for a few days, the wound on the head (the surgery to get the hair roots to bear the beard) causes insomnia, while the beard implants such as the chin and upper lip are swollen and inflamed. The result is a moderate amount of pain when looking back at the beard in the mirror is too weird.

If you surfing on some online casinos, you will see some famous models with impressive beards and mustache such as Dan Bilzerian. Below is the list of some poker players having good skills as well as outstanding facial hair.


A giant beard is always impressive. In addition, it can distract bookie and other players. Alex Keating with his espn-baiting beard has earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in the casino. Specially, the cameraman even tied the camera to his beard to record the action while playing poker.


In addition to the ability to play poker super peak, Steven Van Zadelhoff also owns extremely impressive beard. He can catch your eye the first time you meet him. Moreover, he also “casts” casinos with the title former WCOOP Main Event champion.


Referring to the casino players with impressive mustache, Steve Zolotow cannot be ignored. His silver mustache stretched to both sides and made many people remember. Steve Zolotow has played in casinos from the 1960s until now and has become a professional gambler with outstanding skills.


Philip Gruissem’s appearance is extremely special. He looks like a villain in pantomime due to his thin rim. The charm exudes from the chic and spoiled style of this gambler.


No one could ignore Jason Mercier’s massive beard. He has grown this beard for over 10 years now. The beard has accompanied him throughout his illustrious career years at casinos and achieved many impressive titles. Later, he proposed to his girlfriend Natasha, got married and retire.


His huge beard is now the result of his long-term care. Neilson’s beard has a characteristic brown color that attracts the eyes. Moreover, it also makes this gambler look more mature and adept.

In addition to showing masculinity, men with beards will help protect, moisturize the skin, prevent dirt, even prevent cancer.

A research team from the University of Kansas found that men with a mustache not less than 9mm thick were 16 times less likely to develop squamous cell carcinoma in the lower lip.

Dermatologist Daniel Aires explained that cancer can develop from photochemical keratosis (Actinic Keratosis), a scaly patch on the skin.

The disease occurs, as a rule, because it stays long in the sun and appears around the lips, ears, scalp, shoulders in men aged 50-60. Sometimes this disease develops into cancer.

Actinic keratosis poses the greatest threat to the thin skin of the lips. In this sense, a beard can serve as a protective layer against disease and its consequences.

The doctor noted that in the new study, experts worked with mustache bearers from their teens or around 20 years old. It cannot be claimed that wearing a mustache at a later age will protect the person. However, experts say they are certainly not harmful.

According to experts, long and thick beards can block the effect of UV rays on the skin by up to 95% and reduce the risk of basal cell carcinoma.

In addition, the beard also prevents blemishes and scarring. Scars, acne or folliculitis originate from regular razor use. So skipping facial hair will help keep your skin free of unwanted blemishes.

Besides, psychological studies show that the length of hair and beard have a great influence on the appearance of men. On the other hand, bearded men are more attractive to women.

Beard also makes the essential oils in the body released and maintains the oil balance on the face. This prevents dry, chapped and red skin. However, you need to make sure you regularly clean your beard to avoid infections and dandruff formation on the skin.

You are that beard guy who always gets attention, however best because your grooming rituals went wrong and there is no greater caring. Beard care has in the end come into the limelight. To demystify the whole process for you, we’ve got jotted down all of the guidelines to attain strokably soft beard.

  1. Trim It right
    Once I say trimming, I don’t mean you pass overboard along with your system. Make certain your tool is smooth and sharp. In case, there are leftovers out of your previous session, you’re approximately to ask problem for your hair follicles. Easy it first, take a comb and brush your beard in the proper course. Now, along with your trimming scissors, reduce off the unruly, rigid hair. This allows preserve your beard easy, without any stiffness. Be affected person, 2 weeks isn’t always a long term!
  2. Wash And condition
    There are a plethora of beard shampoos to be had. Shampooing your beard at least 3 times a week will can help you remove dry pores and skin. Rubdown it in a round movement. It’ll launch all of the facial muscle anxiety. Rinse off the shampoo now and repeat massaging with a conditioner. Wash it off and make sure no residues are left in the back of.
    3. Brush, Please
    Using a comb or simply jogging your hand for your beard is continually an amazing idea to preserve it searching luxe. This is also an amazing time to test in case your beard nevertheless has cussed hair. If sure, simply take a pair of scissors and pluck it out.
    4. Beard Oil
    It’s usually a good concept to apply beard oil. This treatment penetrates vitamins, turning your hair relaxed and bright. there is much less scraping and scratching. All you want to do is rubdown the oil in a circular motion and feed every hair follicle. give it a minute and see your beard turn style-able. 5. Style With A Beard Balm
    First and primary, a beard balm is an at the go product that you may constantly convey with you. Start with a minimal quantity and rub the balm for your fingers. Practice it upwards, beginning from the chin. Your beard is moisturised sufficient. What a win-win state of affairs!