Are There More Bacteria in Men’s Beards Than Dog’s Fur?

A group of Swiss researchers found that beards contain more bacteria than dog hair. Some of them are very harmful to health.

In a study of the possibility of transmission between humans and dogs, researchers at the Hirslanden Clinic in Switzerland found that men’s antennae contain more germs and bacteria than dogs’ fur. This shocking study has been published on the website of the National Library of Medicine.

The researchers conducted beard sampling of 18 men from 18 to 76 years old and the neck hair of 30 dogs belonging to different breeds to compare the amount of bacteria. The researchers said the results showed that the amount of bacteria on men’s antennae was significantly higher than that of dog hair.┬áBesides, seven men and four dogs positive for pathogenic bacteria in humans including Enterococcus faecalis cause urinary tract infections and Staphylococcus aureus causing serious infections if they enter the blood.

More alarming are the pathogenic microorganisms that were found in the beard of 7 out of 18 men, but only in the coat of 4 out of 30 dogs. The researchers also added that many bacteria have also been found in the oral cavity of humans than in the oral cavity.

Professor Gutzeit, the study’s lead author, came up with humorous conclusions that based on our findings, dogs can be considered cleaner than bearded men.

Keith Flett, the founder of Beard Liberation Front of the UK, immediately responded to the conclusion of this new study. He thought it was annoying if people took samples of bacteria from your beard or hands. Keith Flett also did not believe that the man’s beard was unhygienic. There seem to be countless negative stories about the beards that are constantly being woven and cause unreasonable fear of beard fear.

While men who have a hobby of raising beards are like those in ancient times, science now offers evidence to oppose this. Beard is always a proud symbol of men because it shows masculinity, intellect and difference. However, in addition to daily care and accompanying itching and inconvenience, perhaps now men have another reason to think about shaving their beard.