About Us


The Philadelphia Beard & Mustache Club was Co-Founded by President Brandon Biggins, Vice President Rob Wanamaker, and Treasurer Brian Hexter, after the three attended a poorly executed beard and mustache competition in West Philadelphia. They wanted to create a club that would represent Philadelphia as a force to be reckoned with in the world of competitive bearding as well as a means to create a community of both beardo’s and beard lovers to socialize and above all else party!


What We’re About

Beards, staches, scruff, and facial hair of all shapes and sizes.  Facial hair admirers and enthusiasts.  Solid good times.


Becoming A Member

All you have to do is decide to show up and hang out.  You decide your level of participation in club events.  If you want to represent the club, grab a patch and slap it on a vest or grab a shirt.  Show off your support for Philly beards.  There is no hazing (besides jovial verbal beratement), dues, or anything like that.  Just come out and party regularly and come to competitions around the country, and even the world, with us.  Beard in, blood out.


Want To Hang With The Philly Beard Club?

We have two monthly gatherings at Tattooed Mom on South Street.  The first Sunday of every month we have a bingo event.  We gather around 8 and bingo starts around 9.  The third Sunday of every month we have our monthly meeting and social.  This is where we discuss upcoming events, club business, happenings, and going ons behind the scenes between the officers and get feedback and suggestions from all of our members.  Want to hang on a non club event night?  Come to Tattooed Mom.  You can basically show up on any weekend night and at least one of us will be there hanging out.  You can spot us by our vests and club patches… and our beards.  Come say what’s up.  We are not responsible for any damages to your persons or belongings.  Sorry, we party.


Contacting Us

Please send all questions and inquiries in an email to philadelphiabmc@gmail.com.

Rob Wanamaker


Nick Bua

Vice President

Drew Chrisner


Brad Kingett

Public Relations / Advertising

Stephen Lina

Sergeant of Arms