A Former Manchester United Player Hospitalized for His Beard

Karel Poborsky, a former Manchester United player, was extremely proud of his bushy beard. However, because of it, he had to be hospitalized and treated for infections caused by ticks.

Karel Poborsky is a former Man United player from 1996 to 1998 and is a player from the Czech Republic. This year he is 47 years old. Despite retiring, he still regularly participates in some charity matches of the old team. Many people were impressed with his bushy beard. However, few people know that the beard caused him to suffer from illness.

In 2016, Karel Poborsky was hospitalized for Lyme disease. This is an infection transmitted to humans by a bite of a parasitic tick. According to the British press, the tick chose Karel Poborsky’s beard as a shelter. When they were discovered, they bit into the former Man United player and made him infected with Lyme disease.┬áTherefore, he was hospitalized and had to shave off his beloved beard.

The most common sign of infection is the development of red rashes around the bite. In addition, you will have associated side effects such as high fever, headache, muscle, and joint pain and fatigue. To treat this disease, the doctor must prescribe a monthly antibiotic to the patient. Some people even have to reign for years to recover.

With Karel Poborsky’s case, Lyme paralyzed his left cheek. It takes a long time for rehabilitation. However, after leaving the hospital, he continued his interest in beard breeding and participated in Man United’s charity matches. The last time Karel Poborsky participated was the match between Man United legends held in 2017.

Regarding Lyme disease, Karel Poborsky was not the first sports star to be attacked. Former British rugby star Matt Dawson even had to undergo heart surgery after being bitten by a tick while walking on the street. Famous names in Hollywood like Ben Stiller or Richard Gere have also had this disease.