5. Defined Chin Strap Beard

This beard style can help you keep looking sharp. It is ideal if you have well rounded facial hair growth. A classic hairstyle or something edgier like a faux hawk will contrast this beard style. Instead, a slightly longer tousled hairstyle will fit it well. However, avoid looking like a hot mess by tidying up the cheeks and neckline.

6. Thin Chin Strap Beard

The thin chin strap is another traditional style for the chin strap beard. It is perfect for defining a strong jawline. Getting your lines straight as well as keeping the edges neat is the key to pulling this style off. Some may need to ask your barber for the initial styling cut, but if you have a steady hand, it is not difficult to maintain it yourself.

7. Natural Chin Strap with Mustache

Team your natural hair growth along your jaw with a mustache for a stylish by casual look. A natural chin strap means you don’t need to worry about keeping tight lines and sharp edges. You also don’t need to fuss about your neckline as much either. Meanwhile, a mustache will give a bit more character to your face. This versatile look best if your hair is evenly trimmed.

8. Beardstache with Chin Strap

A beardstache means your mustache is longer than your beard. It is a great option to pair it with a chin strap beard since the disconnect already let’s the stache do the talking.

9. Classic Strap Beard Without a Mustache

Clean-shaven cheeks and neck create a classic chin strap style. Like the isolated chin strap, the classic strap is most suitable for gents with square, round, diamond, or oval faces. It can both round out your face, or accentuate the jawline, giving additional balance. Keep it in check with maintenance but the sharpness of the edges entirely depends on you. It works both with precision lines that are as sharp as your witty humor, or natural edges that taper out.