If you have the patience, mental toughness, and thick enough beard growth in order to grow a long beard, let us help you in teaching you top tips on how to grow a big, long, bushy man beard and mustache.

Don’t trim your beard

If your employment and relationship allow, you shouldn’t trim anything, including neck and cheek lines. Your first objective is to grow out as much as possible so that you can build a strong beard base and see what you will be able to work with at your fullest natural growth.

Train your mustache, instead of trimming it

Trimming the mustache is a common mistake that many guys make initially. It is not difficult to assume that perhaps it is okay to trim up the center of the mustache and then leave the ends to style a pseudo-handlebar. If that works for you, it’s great. But if you intend to grow a really long mustache, you should get some mustache wax and start training it as soon as possible to keep it out of your mouth. As mentioned before, it’s about seeing your fullest growth at the same time building a foundation for a long mustache.

Start using beard products early

Beard product usage is dictated by the presence of facial hair, not by the length. Start taking care of your beard early and you will thank yourself later on. The only way to reach your fullest growth potential is suitably conditioned and cared for the beard.

Figure out and stick to your own total care regimen early

Figure out a routine working for you and stick to it daily. For example, wash your beard every morning, apply beard oil after taking a bath, and use Beard Dry Oil at night. Remember that any application must be accompanied by thorough brushing. Your own routine might be different, but choose one and make it yours.