Sometimes you use a new product and feel itchy and irritated by skin irritation. This is easy to see in cosmetics and hygiene products.

In fact, allergies are often not the first cause of dermatological problems. Many of the chemical ingredients contained in personal hygiene products are easily damaged if we do not detect them in time. So choose carefully with shaving cream products.


This is a substance commonly found in skin care cosmetics. This substance is used as a preservative compound to help the product can be used for longer periods. Specially used in moisturizers, perfumes, and deodorant rollers.

The harm caused by this substance can lead to a decrease in female hormones and a decrease in the amount of male hormone testosterone. Not only that, but strong doses and long-term use can lead to the risk of breast cancer.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

A kind of foaming compound and at the same time helps to remove oily substances. Shampoos, shower gels, cleansers, toothpaste are products that often contain lots of SLS compounds. In fact, SLS is quite effective in cleansing the skin, but is easy to damage with sensitive skin. Inappropriate doses can cause skin erosion and hair loss if used long term.

When metabolized and absorbed into the body, SLS is also at risk of affecting hormonal activity in both men and women, hindering fertility. Long-term accumulation, this substance will strongly affect cardiovascular and liver activities.


This technology is used in the manufacture of cosmetics and sunscreens. These microscopic tablets act as catalysts, helping ingredients in cosmetics to penetrate easily into the skin.

There are still many scientific debates taking place about the reliability as well as the degree of danger that this technology brings. However, zinc oxide is widely used in sunscreen products that have been shown to damage DNA cells. Although the harm is not great, it is still an issue that needs attention.