Lionel Messi and Gerard Pique should not have shaved off the beard, so this Barcelona duo looks incredibly handsome for years. Just look at their pictures at the recent Girona draw.  Let’s find out which football players should never shave!

1. Lionel Messi

Messi still looks cool without a beard, but having more beard makes him look much more attractive and masculine.

2. Sergio Ramos

The captain of Real Madrid has a long face with a pointed chin. Thus, the beard makes his face more balanced and stronger.

3. David de Gea

Possessing a rather angular and pointed face, with the current beard, the Manchester United goalkeeper looks much more masculine and the face will be more full than in Spain or when he first arrived in England.

4. Gerard Pique

The Barcelona center-back probably surprised his fans by seeing him at the last Girona draw in La Liga. Looking at Pique with a beard was too familiar to the eyes, so his smooth beard made him seem to have reduced his attractiveness in appearance.

5. De Rossi

De Rossi looked much gentler than before he had a beard. Looking at the god of Italy at the present time is no different from the assassins or Mafia in blockbuster action movies.

6. Andrea Pirlo

With no beard or beard, Pirlo still exudes an overwhelming artist appearance. But the Italian player with the beard is still more masculine.

7. Juan Mata

The young Juan Juan of Manchester looks young when he was in Valencia, but when he chose to grow a beard when he moved to Chelsea and now Manchester United, Mata is more handsome.

8. Joe Ledley

The Wales star looks much more prominent with his famous bushy beard. The former Crystal Palace star looks like a medieval Viking with a beard instead of a modern office worker with a bare face.