Long, dense, thick beards are less popular with Asian men because they feel that their faces are not “clean”. Here are the beards that not only surpass that concept but also help Asian men to be more masculine and more attractive.


This is one of the most popular beards for the Asian men. This type of beard attracts a mustache look, along with a neat little beard on the chin and a small beard in the lower middle. The length of the beard is moderate, only about 3mm-5mm but dense and dense. It will bring simple beauty and neat but still masculine to the gentleman.

Round chin beard

This is the type of beard that easily conquers the eyes of Asian women the most because of its moderately short. As the name implies, the round beard around the mouth is shaped with neat and trimmed lines to shape the beard around the edge of the mouth. With this beard, you can both show your masculinity and can conceal defects in the chin and throat.


Mustache is considered a beard that brings classical beauty and Asian aristocracy. This beard is neat, easy to care for, not entangled, luxurious as well as noble. Mustache is suitable for Asian men not only because of the style it brings, but also because it is well suited to the weak beard and silk genes of Asians.

Clean-shaven beard style

Wondering if clean-shaven beard is considered a beard? But this is really considered a beard, though you can’t see your beard. This can be considered as the most popular beard for men in Asia. Although the beard is shaved clean, the fuzzy legs still show that you are very masculine while meeting the requirements of grooming and clean.

Short beard

This is definitely the beard for Asian guys who love the strong beauty of a mustache. If you love a thick, thick, dark beard, but are afraid that people will judge you as a sloppy and sloppy person, cut your beard short, only about 0.5-1cm is enough.