If you are afraid that growing beards makes your face look old or it does not fit your face, let’s read the article below. The following 5 things will help you have the motivation to grow beards.

1. Good for your health

Beard is a protective layer for our health. Like eyebrows and feathers, the beard prevents 95% of the ultraviolet rays from damaging the skin. In addition, a thick mustache also prevents harmful agents from the air from entering the mouth, which is an effective assistant for people with respiratory problems. However, you must always keep your beard trimmed and take care of it. Otherwise, it will cause the opposite effect.

2. Create a strong first impression

First, you should know the beard will give us a strong impression. In a group of men who go together, a person with a neatly trimmed beard will also receive much attention. In particular, a beautiful beard makes people feel more confident because it looks mature and stable.

3. Help you resist the effects of weather

The beard also becomes a useful shield against the changes in weather temperatures from hot to cold. Specifically, the beard always keeps the face area, especially the mouth area, always cool in summer or warm in winter. Because the beard works like an air conditioner with the task of regulating natural moisture released from the face.

4. Help you look younger

Many people think that having a beard will make them look older and more mature. However, because the beard protects the skin from harmful agents from external and UVs, it will slow down the aging process. Besides, sebum secreted from your skin is kept longer by the whiskers, preventing the skin from becoming dry and infected. Plus, you don’t need to worry about razor skin irritation.

5. Looks more attractive

According to a survey from the University of South Wales, women said men with thin beards look so sexy. Another survey from Northumbria University since 2008 also shows that men with moderate and trimmed beards look most attractive.