Guy, are you thinking that beard care is not really necessary, it’s a false thought. It is as important as your face care, acne treatment or investment in fashion.

Take care of your beard properly
If you do not take the time to learn how to properly care for a beard, there is a greater risk of harm than enhancing your charm.

If your goal is to get rid of the mustache, shape the beard, perform the entire manscape sieve, the errors listed in the article are common mistakes in most beard care operations. Everyday – from beard pruning to the use of essential oils to increase beard moisture.

Gentlemen pay attention to the details in the care of the beard, to avoid damage to the appearance and health of yourself.

Skip the pre-shaving sequence

Shaving on non-lubricated skin will leave some problems like cuts of razor leading to swelling. So, preparing your face for a “ready-to-use” pre-shave cleanser is essential: experts recommend massage your skin with a product designed to care for your beard. Washing your beard and applying it before shaving is a must, as well as factors to increase the moisture content of the beard.

Clean the razor blade cleanly

Whenever the blade glides on the skin, it carries dead skin, shaved beard and leftover shaving cream. This accumulation reduces the sharpness of the blade and makes it difficult to shave. Gently clean the entire razor blades after each use by shaking gently in the sink under running water. Thorough cleansing and shaving removes mucus that can prevent the growth of the beard.

The foaming solution is not as good as expected

White shaving cream is not a good choice. A quick foam solution will dehydrate and the amount of natural oils on the skin, which is high in bubbles, is what most people use but it is heart breaking to say that manufacturers are wrong to produce them. strong foaming solution.

Therefore, after shaving, always have to look after the skin after-shave conditioner.

Shave with cold water

Any guy who uses a specialized shaving method will be familiar with the treatment of hot face wipes. The reason people use hot water instead of cold water before shaving is because then the pores on the skin will shrink and causing shave cream to penetrate the surface of the skin will increase the problem of dirty beard contaminated. . You can also use a hot shower and shave immediately afterwards or wash your face with warm water to expose the pores.

Cold water is good for shaving, but only after shaving. Remember: “warm before, cold after”. Take care of your beard in a scientific way to make them look real!