Big on style, short on effort. There’s no denying that the goatee has been the top facial hair choice for intellectuals, rockstars, and the rebellious streak for a very long time. It basically refers to any style that features hair on the chin and above the lip only, often connecting to create a unique frame for the mouth. In other words, it’s the artistic, villainous sister of the beard.

Who Does It Suit?

Goatees are essentially the facial hair choice for bad boys, and it’s the perfect option when you want to add more edge to your current style or if you want to do something a little different to the norm. Goatees are also the perfect option when you struggle to grow a complete beard or have problems with uneven or patchy facial hair.

Goatees look fantastic on slim, angular faces and has the ability to make a round face look much more slimmer. George Michael is a perfect example of this. However, always remember that you shouldn’t grow your goatee too long as it can also make your face look extremely lean. Goatees are also a great option for guys with short hair.

How To Maintain a Goatee

You might be surprised to learn that goatees require a steady hand and precision management and are far more difficult to look after than a full beard. You will need to allow your facial hair to continue growing until it reaches a comfortable length where you can maintain it with a beard trimmer. The edging blade of the trimmer is ideal for trimming whiskers on the upper lip and will allow you to trip down the sides as well.

Your jawline will be the perfect guide to show you where the goatee needs to end. The perfect place is usually just below the jawbone. If not, you might end up giving the impression that you’re a Billy goat. Use shave gel or oil, along with a razor, to keep a clean-shaven skin around the goatee. Transparent products will allow you to see where you’re shaving with the razor.

Goatees can be considered as pizza toppings. There are literally hundreds of variations and to figure out which one suits you best, you will need to experiment quite a few times. You can either remove the sidebars to give you a Dartanian look, or you can remove the lip hair altogether to provide you with a Robert Pattinson goatee.

Expert Tip

Always remember to take your time. With goatees, you will always have the option to remove more hair if you don’t like the look. The best way to shape your goatee is by doing it bone dry. Facial hair has a tendency to relax and expand when it’s wet, and it will only contract to its original length when it is completely dry. Remember not to make the mistake of shaping it while its wet as you might realise that you took too much off and then its too late.