Many men try to achieve the appearance of having a thicker and fuller beard for a variety of reasons. Maybe they have dreams of competing in a men’s beard competition, or maybe its purely for the aesthetic reasoning. Either way, it’s undeniable that some men do go through issues regarding the growth of their facial hair. The combination of having too early, a less than par skincare routines, and a poor diet can make any man’s beard look patchy, or just simply weak.

Since beards are coming back in style and many are associating them with power and masculinity, it’s not a shocker to know that a variety of men want to grow a fantastic, thick, beard. There are some generic reasons why some men’s beards are thicker than others, and there are a few tips that can help the possibility of your bread becoming thicker.

Before getting into the variety of tips, the first step is to do a mental test of the qualities of your beard. You should separate them into three categories: thickness, length, and liveliness. Though out of all of these three categories, the hardest one to fix is thickness as it is mainly related to your genetics.

How does a beard appear to be thicker?

While some men do have the luxury of being able to grow a thick beard within a couple of weeks, other men seem to be waiting a lifetime to get the desired look. While it may seem as if most men beards grown on different rates – a majority is actually grown in a similar time span.

The three factors that give the appearance of a man having a thicker bear is the colour of the beard (mainly when it appears darker), the overall density, and the length of the beard and hair follicles. While genetics do play a major role in your beard thickness, just making simple changes to your daily routine can help increase the overall health of your beard and finally give you the look that you’ve been looking for.

1. Adopt a Better Skin Care Routine

While it may not be the most masculine thing to change – its true. Having better and healthier skin will lead to a healthier and thicker beard. Other than making your skin look more pleasant to touch and view, finding a good moisturiser and cleanser can help your beard in more ways than one.

The act of cleansing and moisturising your face on a daily basis (once in the morning and once before bed), will help stimulate circulation throughout your hair follicles, along with exfoliating and getting rid of dead skin cells that could be causing a delayed growth with your beard. On the other hand, moisturising will keep your skin hydrated enough to grow thicker hair without the added itchiness.

2. Pick Up Cardio

Having excess weight can stunt the growth of your bead due to it meaning that you most likely have an unhealthy lifestyle. Exercising is known to help stimulate beard growth and make you feel more confident. However, cardio has been studied to be the best exercise to incorporate.

Some of the most popular cardio workout, such as running, biking, and dancing have been proven to help your beard grow faster as well. This is due to an increase in testosterone – which is needed to promote hair follicles becoming stronger along with growth. It also stimulates blood circulation within the body that has a variety of benefits.

3. Be less Stressed

It’s a fact that stress can lead to a variety of issues in your life. Stress has the power to impact your physical appearance by making you look more agitated, and that can have an impact on the appearance and lustre of your beard. To be a bit scientific, stress will affect your cortisol which in turn creates a negative relationship with your body’s testosterone creation. Along with creating issues with your blood vessels – stress is just a big negative you need to get rid of.

Both kinds of stress, short-term, and long-term can make your beard grown in patchier or less dense. Although having a bad sleep schedule that is caused stress makes the challenge of growing a beard more of a hassle. While getting rid of stress is a personal issue that must be solved, mediation and stress relieving techniques will help you and your beard our tremendously.

4. Create a Better Diet

Having a diet that is filled with vitamins and good nutrients can help the growth of your beard. This can be created by eating more veggies, fruits, and healthy meats – such as fish and chicken. A few of the recommended foods that you should begin eating weekly are eggs, healthy greens, and a variety of nuts without the added salt or sugar. This simple step will help your beard look more thick along with giving you more energy throughout the day.